The Anschluss Movement, 1918-1919, and the Paris Peace Conference

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American Philosophical Society, 1974 - Philosophy - 495 pages

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Page 442 - Germany acknowledges and will respect strictly the independence of Austria, within the frontiers which may be fixed in a Treaty between that State and the Principal Allied and Associated Powers; she agrees that this independence shall be inalienable, except with the consent of the Council of the League of Nations.
Page 389 - has never had, and never will have, any intention of shifting the Austro-German frontier by force. But it is admitted that "should the population of Austria, whose history and culture have been most intimately connected with its mother country Germany, for more than a thousand years, desire to restore the national connection with Germany, which was but recently severed by war, Germany cannot pledge herself to oppose that desire of her German brothers in Austria, as the right of self-determination...
Page 436 - de mortuis ' feeling. My antiquarian interests regretted her disappearance. My modernist tendencies rejoiced at the new vitality which would now spring from that exhausted soil. My attitude towards Austria was a rather saddened reflection as to what would remain of her when the New Europe had once been created. I did not regard her as a living entity : I thought of her only as a pathetic relic.
Page 389 - In connexion with Austria, now reduced to a small German republic, an express undertaking was given that " Germany has never had, and never will have, any intention of shifting the Austro-German frontier by force." This undertaking was violated within barely two decades ; and it was doubtless the distrust inspired by Germany's past record in the observance of her plighted word which induced the Allies to ignore both her plea for leniency, and her warning against sowing the " seeds of future discord...
Page 51 - Reduction of Austria to the ancient boundaries and title of the Archduchy of Austria. Incorporation of the Archduchy in the Imperial German Confederation. Austrian outlet to the sea would be like that of Baden and Saxony through German ports on the North Sea and the Baltic.
Page 47 - Austria-Hungary ; but that Government has not actually engaged in warfare against citizens of the United States on the seas, and I take the liberty, for the present at least, of postponing a discussion of our relations with the authorities at Vienna. We enter this war only where we are clearly forced into it because there are no other means of defending our rights.
Page 328 - Personally I am quite willing that Italy should be accorded along the whole length of her northern frontier and wherever she comes into contact with Austrian territory all that was accorded her in the so-called Pact of London, but I am of the clear opinion that the Pact of London can no longer apply to the settlement of her eastern boundaries. The line drawn in the Pact of London was conceived for the purpose of establishing an absolutely adequate frontier of safety for Italy against any possible...
Page 315 - ... Western Galicia is clearly Polish. Eastern Galicia is in large measure Ukrainian, (or Ruthenian,) and does not of right belong to Poland. There also are several hundred thousand Ukrainians along the north and north-eastern borders of Hungary, and in parts of Bukowina (which belonged to Austria). 3. GERMAN AUSTRIA. This territory should of right be permitted to join Germany, but there is strong objection in France because of the increase of population involved. 4. JUGO-SLAVIA.
Page 330 - I cannot consent for Fiume to go to Italy, but you may count upon me for the Brenner line." This did not satisfy Orlando, but he held Wilson to his promise . . . I have often wondered just why Wilson consented to this line. Clemenceau, Lloyd George, and I discussed it during the Armistice proceedings and the three of us came to 07 Miller, My Diary, XIX, 531. Reprinted with the permission of Hunter Miller, Esq.
Page 323 - ... different dates 49. DISCUSSION, MARCH 5, BY COUNCIL OF TEN OF THE REVICTUALLING OF AUSTRIA10 7. Re-victualling of Austria. (a) Financial proposals of Economic Council. M. Clemenceau said that he had had this subject placed on the Agenda after a conversation with Mr. Balfour and Mr. House. They had all agreed that the matter was urgent, and that it was incumbent on the Allied Powers to show goodwill to the German Austrians, in particular with a view to preventing them from throwing themselves...

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