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Barbara Jensen Is a healer of the mind. Throughout the years she’s helped hundred of children, teens, couples, and families. One of the most inspiring and generous people you could ever find yourself graced to meet, this author tells it like it is and has the knowledge and wisdom to back it up. She’s smart, funny, and sharply dressed. She also has a beautiful smile.
In a society drowning in debates over sexism and racism, classism was largely ignored by the mainstream until just recently when it was brought to the public’s attention in an almost literal form of war known as class warfare. Barbara Jensen has been at the forefront of class studies for as long as her career, at least. She was pioneering awareness of this new ism long before it became part of our common vernacular. Many fine people are involved in this niche area of academia, and I would bet that a fair number of them have been influenced in some way by her impressions and ideas. If you’ve ever been to a seminar or a lecture of hers then you know of her wit and natural ease on stage. She can engage an entire audience with ease and verbally bridge the gap between the classes, making complex ideas easily digestible to anyone.
This is an Important book, coming out at just the right time in American History. As much personal memoir as researched wisdom, this book strikes a nice balance between the two and stand out as one of the more poignant and influential books on the subject to be written in a while. This is a subject which becomes more and more relevant as each day passes. If you know nothing about class warfare, I recommend this book. If You know everything about class warfare, I recommend this book. If you live in America I highly recommend this book.
Most people don’t know the behind the scenes of this book. A lifetime in the making and ten years of writing, rewriting, researching, re-researching, editing, re-editing. The whole process was an extended, extensive study of trends and cultures. There were hundreds of personal obstacles to overcome to find the time for all of this. She persevered, through setbacks and serious injuries. She pushed forward, through accidents and across odds. She ran headfirst into challenges and disruptions too numerous to count, but in the end, it was all worth it. The book scored, immediately receiving incredible reviews, and selling thousands of copies. but the ride there was brutal. Barb Jensen is a trooper. She is an amazing woman who deserves to be out there in the public eye and recognized for her contributions to the field. (*stephen colbert* hint hint*)
This book is a concise focusing of understanding on issues that are more relevant than ever before. The class gap widens, people are forced to deal with extremes of wealth and poverty. Look around at our troubled times. Occupiers and tea partiers and starving kids and teenagers graduating from highschool who don’t know how to read. It’s sad but most of these people are victims. They are all victims of not racism, or sexism, but the new ism, perhaps the most dangerous ism of all- classism.

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