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1867/68- include the Statistical report of the Secretary of State in continuation of the Annual report of the Commissioners of Statistics.

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Page 4 - May 1, 1852, are acknowledged before a notary public, in accordance with the provisions of the second section of the act as amended February 14, 1872, and presented for record without a certificate of his official character.
Page 365 - But enough has been said to show that there are other points to be considered, that, besides the birth-rate, the death-rate is essential ; and, in order to arrive at a true estimate of the relative cost and value of increase of population by reproduction of various races, it is necessary to know the death-rate of each nationality by ages, to have an estimate, in general terms, of the cost of producing a useful member of society, and the average length of useful life, and, indeed, the costs and values...
Page 257 - HEAVEN: WE PRAY that YOU save us from ourselves. The world that YOU have made for us, to live in peace, we have made into an armed camp. We live in fear of war to come. We are afraid of "the terror that flies by night, and the arrow that flies by day, the pestilence that walks in darkness and the destruction that wastes at noon-day.
Page 415 - SCHOOL EXPENDITURES. The following table exhibits the public school expenditures in the several States and Territories per capita of population of legal school age, as shown by the report of the Hon. John Eaton, National Commissioner of Education : * The expenditure for this State is assumed to be for a school population from 5 to 15 years old.
Page 17 - Alexander Duncan, Taylor Webster, Patrick G. Goode, Thomas Corwin, Thomas L. Hamer, Calvary Morris, William Key Bond, Joseph Ridgway, John Chaney, Samson Mason, James Alexander, jr., Alexander Harper, Daniel P.
Page 3 - Gentlemen: I have the honor to submit the Annual Report of this department for the year 1920.
Page 365 - ... the experience of other States, this was not at all certain. In the State of New York an excellent law was passed, but it has never been properly executed. In the Twelfth Registration Report of Vermont, the compiler remarks that, "For the first time in the history of Registration in the State of Vermont, the Summary of Observations now made is based upon returns from every town in the State. For this result we are indebted to the determination and energy of the excellent Secretary of State.
Page 9 - Ohio was a part, from July 13, .1788. when the first civil government was established in the Territory, until about the close of the year 1802, when he was removed by the President 2.
Page 290 - ... large scale, and others are about to follow their example. A new character is thus given to the production of this district, and greater wealth and prosperity now for its people, as well as the country at large. Analyses of South Wales Pig Irons. Nos. 1 and 2 pig and white iron, Donlais. THE SCOTCH DISTRICT. This iron-making district is confined to the territory underlaid by the Coal Measures, and extends across the country, from the Frith of Forth, on the east, to the western coast, a little...
Page 5 - ... as well as foreign companies. Conforming to such suggestion the House, by unanimous vote, passed a bill and sent it to the Senate. For some reason, known only to the few, the Senate Committee, though urgently requested to do so. could not be induced to report the bill to the Senate for action. Again I recommend that this law be amended so as 'to make it possible to break and crush out the trust and compact by which rates are now practically beyond competition. Owing to the nature of the insurance...

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