The Hahnemannian Monthly, Volume 1

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LaBarre Printing Company, 1865
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Page 13 - People can't die, along the coast,' said Mr. Peggotty, 'except when the tide's pretty nigh out. They can't be born, unless it's pretty nigh in - not properly born, till flood. He's a going out with the tide.
Page 166 - the world moves," and that the truth prevails, and that (as crescit eundo) we may hope to see it still more and more prevail. As where death is inevitable, it is the duty of the physician to do all in his power to...
Page 185 - These data obtained, the Directors had but one duty to perform alike to themselves and to their constituents, which was to summon a meeting of their shareholders, and to lay before them the facts they had collected, and the decision at which they had arrived, viz., " to open a special section for persons treated by the homoeopathic system, at a LOWER RATE OF PREMIUM THAN
Page 273 - Even in pathology, we can now go so far as to establish as a general principle that no development of any kind begins de novo, and consequently as to reject the theory of equivocal (spontaneous) generation just as much in the history of the development of individual parts as we do in that of entire organisms. Just as little as we can now admit that a...
Page 186 - Company belongs the distinguished honor of being the pioneer in this movement. And never let the circumstance be forgotten, which gives life and vigor to the great moral of this narrative — that the decision arrived at was the result of an investigation suggested by an observation of the ever-increasing conquests of Homoeopathy, especially amongst the highest and best educated classes of society, but cropping out everywhere throughout the world, in spite of the adamantine rocks of ancient prejudice...
Page 36 - As soon as a beam of either daylight or the oxyhydrogen light is, by raising the shutter, permitted to impinge upon the plate, the needles are deflected. Thus, light being the initiating force, we get chemical action on the plate, electricity circulating through the wires, magnetism in the coil, heat in the helix, and motion in the needles.
Page 47 - When in church, pain over the left eye, drawing extended a little to the right, and settled then in the right occiput, where she felt a heavy, drawing pain for about two hours, with the headache in front, with nausea, and as if she were going to faint; at the same time very chilly. All these symptoms disappeared when she came home, in a warm room (twelfth day),".
Page 192 - The Society then proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, with the following result : — President, Dr.
Page 354 - Mercury a troy ounce ; Iodine three hundred grains ; Stronger Alcohol a sufficient quantity. Mix the Mercury and Iodine in a mortar, and having added half a fluid ounce of Stronger Alcohol, triturate the mixture until the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated. Stir the mixture occasionally, and, at the end of two hours, triturate again, with considerable pressure, until it is nearly dry. Then rub it up with Stronger Alcohol, gradually added, until it is reduced to a uniform thin paste ; and having...
Page 173 - ... new candidate for their attention : and as the name of Dr. Rubini may probably not be familiar to most of the readers of this journal, some account of the way in which this proving of Cactus came over to us may satisfy the legitimate curiosity of our colleagues, and, perhaps, induce them to receive the new comer with more cordiality than if he presented himself as a stranger without any introduction.

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