The Pathfinders of Jefferson County

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Society, 1898 - Jefferson County (Ohio) - 406 pages
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Page 327 - Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Page 359 - Archangel ; but his face Deep scars of thunder had intrenched, and care Sat on his faded cheek ; but under brows Of dauntless courage, and considerate pride Waiting revenge.
Page 293 - Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven," "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God,
Page 362 - THE maid who binds her warrior's sash With smile that well her pain dissembles, The while beneath her drooping lash One starry tear-drop hangs and trembles, Though Heaven alone records the tear, And Fame, shall never know her story, Her heart has shed a drop as dear As e'er bedewed the field of glory...
Page 393 - Mt. Vernon The report of the committee was accepted, and by unanimous vote the Secretary was instructed to cast the ballot of the society for said nominees. The Secretary did this, and the above were declared duly elected Trustees, to serve from February 17, 1897, to February 17, 1900. Upon motion a committee of five, to be named by the chair, was appointed to call upon the Governor, extend him the greetings and compliments of the society. The chair appointed as such committee, Messrs.
Page 292 - Medicine Man," and his life seemed to be a charmed one, as neither savage men nor wild beasts would harm him. Chapman never married, and rumor said that a love affair in the old Bay State was the cause of his living the life of a celibate and recluse, but as such stories are told about every bachelor, they are generally too common and silly to be repeated. Johnny himself never explained why he led such a singular life except to remark that he had a mission — which was understood to be to plant...
Page 100 - In the two years which followed the Antrim evictions, thirty thousand Protestants left Ulster for a land where there was no legal robbery, and where those who sowed the seed could reap the harvest.
Page 180 - In the mean time the Indian, jealous of the honor of his scalp, even in the agonies of death, succeeded in reaching the river and getting into the current, so that his body was never obtained. An unfortunate occurrence took place during this conflict. Just as...
Page 362 - While to her breast her son she presses, Then breathes a few brave words and brief, Kissing the patriot brow she blesses, With no one but her secret God To know the pain...
Page 116 - I was soon surrounded by them, and they immediately set up a most dismal howling, crying bitterly, and wringing their hands in all the agonies of grief for a deceased relative. Their tears flowed freely, and they exhibited all the signs of real mourning. At the commencement of this scene, one of their number began, in a voice somewhat between speaking and singing, to recite some words to the following purport, and continued the recitation till the ceremony was ended; the company at the same time...

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