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Primarily Needs a Red Pen
I loved BBC’s series Teachers more than most, and this book definitely isn’t doing this for the Australian system. It is set in Brisbane and the mythical Bayside School
, and amongst the local place names I found myself trying to figure out exactly which Redlands school it is. The moments of local recognition were fun, but fleeting. The book is driven more by rambling than by plot and the last chapters proved disappointing. Far too many two-dimensional characters are introduced in the first ten pages, and they keep on coming in a dialogue heavy read. I think this novel could have done with further editing before publication, and along with the usual typos and grammar mistakes, I found several instances where the wrong character name had been used (P223 and p265 if you want to crossmark.) There are a few funny moments, but if I had to read it again I’d do so with a red pen in hand. 

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