Elements of Chemistry: Including the Recent Discoveries and Doctrines of the Science

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Desilver, Thomas & Company, 1835 - Chemistry - 682 pages
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Page 43 - If a pound of water at 32 be mixed with a pound of water at 172, the temperature of the mixture will be intermediate between them, or 102.
Page 166 - ... where it is in contact with the air. Its combustion, when conducted in this manner, goes on tranquilly, and is attended with a yellowish-blue flame and a very feeble light. The phenomena are different when the hydrogen is previously mixed with a due quantity of air. The approach of flame not only sets fire to the gas near it, but the whole is kindled at the same instant, and a flash of light passes through the mixture, followed by a violent explosion. The best proportion for the experiment is...
Page 620 - It varies in different individuals, and in the same individual at different times. It can be measured with a fair degree of accuracy by various testing devices.
Page 160 - These consist chiefly in applying heat to some of its compounds in which it is retained by a weak attraction. The substances commonly employed for the purpose are the peroxide of manganese and the chlorate of potash. It may be procured from the former in two ways, either by heating it to redness in a gun-barrel or...
Page 178 - Combustion. greater in summer than in winter, and during night than during day. It is also rather more abundant in elevated situations, as on the summits of high mountains, than in plains ; this is probably owing to an absorption of the gas near the surface of the earth by plants and moist surfaces.
Page 616 - The blood of persons also whe have died a sudden, violent death by some kinds of poison, or from mental emotion, is usually found in a fluid state.* 825. Nutrition .—The constant waste of the animal body consequent on the discharge of the various functions necessary to the support of life, requires that an equally constant supply of new material sheuld be afforded, from which the repairs and renewals of the system may be effected.
Page 206 - The disappearance of oxygen which accompanies these changes is shown by putting a stick of phosphorus in a jar full of air, inverted over water. The volume of the gas gradually diminishes ; and if the temperature of the air is at 60, the whole of the oxygen will be withdrawn in the course of 12 or 24 hours. The residue is nitrogen gas, containing about l-40th of its bulk of the vapour of phosphorus. It is remarkable that the slow combustion of phosphorus does not take place in pure oxygen, unless...
Page 448 - ... rock, exposing it for a time to the air, and lixiviation. The alum from this source has been long prized, in consequence of being quite free from iron. In both of these processes the alkali contained in the alum-rock is inadequate for uniting with the sulphate of alumina which is obtained, and hence a salt of potassa must be added. Alum has a sweetish, astringent taste, and reddens litmus paper. It is soluble in five parts of water at 60, and in little more than its own weight of boiling water....
Page 249 - Ammonia is a colorless gas, which has a strong pungent odor, and acts powerfully on the eyes and nose. It is quite irrespirable in its pure form, but when diluted with air, it may be taken into the lungs with safety. Burning bodies are extinguished by it, nor is the gas inflamed by their approach. Ammonia, however, is inflammable in a low degree; for when a lighted candle is immersed in it, the flame is somewhat enlarged, and tinged of a pale yellow...
Page 8 - This experiment proves the grain of iron to have been divided into rather more than 24 millions of parts ; and if the same quantity of iron were still further diluted, its diffusion through the whole liquid might be proved by concentrating any portion of it by evaporation, and detecting the metal by Us appropriate tests.

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