Real Things in Nature: A Reading Book of Science for American Boys and Girls

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Macmillan, 1903 - Science - 443 pages
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Page 306 - Imperious Caesar, dead and turn'd to clay, Might stop a hole to keep the wind 'away: O, that that earth which kept the world in awe Should patch a wall to expel the winter's flaw!— But soft!
Page 275 - Those of the spine which tend to keep the body from falling forward. 1. The muscles of the front of the leg. 2. Those of the front of the thigh. 3. Those of the front of the abdomen. 4, 5. Those of the front of the neck, which tend to keep the "body from falling backwards.
Page 402 - I testify there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is the prophet of Allah!
Page 233 - ... a corolla is called a Petal: and each leaf or piece of a calyx is called a Sepal. 20. The corolla, the stamens, and generally the calyx, fall off or wither away after blossoming ; while the ovary of the pistil remains, grows larger, and becomes 21. The Fruit. So that the fruit is the ripened ovary. It may be a berry, a stone-fruit, a nut, a grain, or a pod. The fruit of the Lily and also of the MorningGlory is a pod. Here is the pod or fruit of the Morning-Glory (Fig. 4, fr. and Fig. 13), with...
Page 96 - When coal burns the carbon of the coal combines with the oxygen of the air and makes carbonic acid gas.
Page 304 - E is the center for speaking ; W is the center for moving the muscles of the hand in writing. If a sound comes to the ear a message is sent in to A. If a picture is seen by the eye a message is sent in to V. If you wish to speak a message is sent out from E to the lips. If you wish to write a message...
Page xxiv - Don't, Willie," said Amy, thinking that he was laughing at her. But Maud said, "It is quite true, Amy, mother taught me that, and she said that it is because we move so fast that the sun seems to be moving. Don't you know how all the houses and trees look as if they were moving when...

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