History of Catharine II. empress of Russia

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Printed for J. Stockdale, 1800 - Russia - 579 pages
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Page xx - Becaufe fentence againft an evil work is not executed fpeedily, therefore the heart of the fons of men is fully fet in them to do evil.
Page 168 - Catharine was not the fole motive for exciting her zeal. She was principally jealous of the glorious elevation that awaited her fifter ; and neither the menaces of that fifter and of her father, nor the authority of the chancellor her uncle, in whofe houfe...
Page 524 - ... every effort to amuse him. One of these ladies, pretending to read the decrees of fate in the arrangement of a pack of cards, predicted that he would take the town at the end of three weeks. Potemkin answered, with a smile, that he had a method of divination far more infallible.
Page 270 - ... time. Having his right hand pierced through and his body covered with wounds, he seized the sword from one of the monsters, and broke it ; but while he was struggling to get the piece out of his hand, the other stabbed him from behind, and threw him down. He who had...
Page 570 - Riiffia; and the propofal of the nobles was adopted. The next day the...
Page 564 - Catherine remained overcome with chagrin ; while the heart of the young Alexandra experienced the bitterness of the first sorrows of love. One half of Poland, the Krimea, the Kuban, and a part of the frontiers of Turkey, had yielded to the arms or the intrigues of Catherine ; but for the usurpation of another rich and populous country she had no need of battles : lor the conquest of Courland and Semigallia her intrigues proved sufficient.
Page 264 - Schuvaloff's with the emprefs Elizabeth. Not only the graces of his figure and the accents of his voice, but the moving complaints he uttered, awakened the fenfibility of all that were prefent, and even drew from the emprefs abundance of tears. If that young prince had committed fome act of lunacy, would it have failed of publication ? Again, afterwards we find a frefh proof of his good fenfe and his fenfibility...
Page 528 - Heaven has refcrved our deliverance for the glorious reign of YIM It is under Your aufpices that we hope to deliver from the hands of barbarous Mahomedans our empire, which they have ufurped...
Page 240 - The sovereigns of this empire," he remarked, " have hitherto uniformly enjoyed an unlimited power ; but it is the very extent of that power which renders it dangerous to him in whom it is lodged, since it may at any time be usurped by some bold pretender, and the usurper is thenceforth above the laws. Trust me, madam, make the sacrifice of an absolute authority. Create a fixed and permanent council, which will secure to you the crown. Solemnly declare that you renounce...
Page 155 - Catherine also kept her court with a mixture of dignity and affability which charmed all who approached her.

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