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1783 - Medicine
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Page 63 - and Purity, by a cheap and eafy Procefs: To which is added, a Mode of impregnating Water in large Quantities•, •with Fixed Air, for medicinal Ufes, on board Ships and in Hofpitals ; and likewife a Procefs for the Preparation of Artificial
Page 167 - Obfer-vations on the fuperior Efficacy of the Red Peruvian Bark, in the Cure of Agues, and other Fevers,
Page 176 - Experiments on Mercury, Silver, and Gold, made at Guildford, in May 1782, in the Laboratory of James Price, MDFRS To which is prefixed an
Page 441 - and gold, made at Guildford in May 1782, in the laboratory of James Price, MDFRS To which is prefixed an abridgment of Boyle's account of a degradation of gold.
Page 382 - not the works themfelves be tranflated into our language ? The concife and beautiful arrangement, for which they are fo remarkable, is loft in thefe diffufe explanations of them. Dr Withering has given a Flora Anglica under the title of Botanical
Page 413 - of which was an account of the life, writings, and character of the late Dr
Page 434 - parts of anatomy; thus fixing the attention of the volatile and the giddy, and enriching the minds of all with ufeful knowledge. Employed, as Dr Hunter had been, for a long feries of years, by
Page 116 - A Treatife on the Gonorrhoea, to which is added, a Critical Enquiry into the different Methods of adminiftering Mercury, intended as a
Page 119 - Hiftoire Naturelle de la France méridionale ; ou Recherches fur la Minéralogie du Vivarais, du Viennois, du Valentinois,
Page 185 - by Dr Price. After the crucible had acquired a red heat, the company all faw the mercury lying quiet at the bottom, without boiling or fmoking in the leaft;

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