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This book contains a lot of false information. One of the many (countless) mistakes or false information is the statement about the Kurdish institute in Paris's annual conference. He states that Sorani is a dominant language in Turkey :), what a lie! NOT a single human speaks Sorani in Turkey. The Kurds in Turkey either speak Kurmanji or Zazaki. What a liar!
Oh, dear, you have a long way to go in the writing field, especially about languages. Sherefname was NOT written in Persian at all. Please do some homework. I can't believe you are trying to sell your book that is full of false information to people. There are many people who would not know the truth and they will be reading wrong information that you are providing. This is not right and it is not academic.
I only give you a "one" rating for the sake of writing about language so it appears on google. But even that is a crime itself because you are distributing wrong and untrue information about the Kurdish language. Do some homework! It doesn't hurt to learn :)

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