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Advertiser Publishing Company, 1890 - Cambridge (Mass.)
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Page 127 - Matter mailed in the United States, addressed to Mexico, is subject to the same postage rates and conditions as it would be if it were addressed for delivery in the United States, except that articles of miscellaneous merchandise (fourth-class matter) not sent as bona fide trade samples, are required to be sent by "Parcels Post...
Page 126 - Publications of this character can be mailed by the public at the rate of one cent for each four ounces or fraction ; full prepayment of postage compulsory.
Page 127 - Ibs. 6 oz. weight addressed to Canada, if presented for mailing in such form as to be capable of easy inspection, can be forwarded in the mails to the office of address if postage is fully prepaid at the rate applicable to the same in the Domestic mails.
Page 126 - Postage 1 cent, for each two ounces or fraction; full prepayment of postage compulsory. Seeds, cuttings, roots, bulbs, etc., may be forwarded in the mails for the US with postage prepaid at third class rate, but matter of this nature for Canada must be prepaid at fourth class rate.
Page 126 - From" and also the name of the article enclosed. Unmailable — All packages containing poisons, explosives, substances exhaling bad odor, liquors (vinous, spirituous, ardent or malt), obscene matter of any description, dunning notices on postal cards, and all articles which from their nature are liable to damage the mails or any person handling them. Canada — All packages of merchandise not exceeding 4 Ibs.
Page 126 - OF POSTAGE DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN First class — Letters and all matter sealed so that it cannot be examined without breaking the seal. Postage 2 cents per ounce or fraction for United States (including Hawaii, Porto Rico, Guam, Philippine Archipelago, Tutuila and Canal Zone) Mexico, Canada, Cuba and Republic of Panama, also Shanghai.
Page 126 - Class. — Patterns, address tags, bill heads, letter heads, playing cards, blotting paper bearing printed advertisements, merchandise, metals, and all other matter not included in the first, second and third classes.
Page 127 - Australia—prepaid letters per 1-2 oz., 5 cents, postal cards, 2 cents; newspapers and books, 1 cent for 2 oz. or fraction. Articles of Merchandise, except bona fide trade samples, cannot be sent in mail to Foreign Countries, except they be prepaid at letter rate of postage. Limit of weight on samples...
Page 14 - INSTRUCTIONS TO KEY HOLDERS. Alarms to be given from the box nearest the location of the fire. Do not give an alarm for a fire seen at a distance, unless assistance is called for. To give an alarm, open the door, pull the hook to the bottom of the slot once, and let go. Each box contains a small bell, which, if heard before you pull, indicates that an...
Page 126 - This class includes all newspapers, periodicals, or matter exclusively in print and regularly issued at stated intervals as frequently as four times a year, from a known office...

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