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Page 7 - ... should be the free admission of such merchandise as this country does not produce, in return for the admission free or under a favored scheme of duties of our own products, the benefits of such exchange to apply only to goods carried under the flag of the parties to the contract; the removal on both sides from the vessels so privileged of all tonnage dues and national imposts, so that those vessels may ply unhindered between our ports and those of the other contracting parties, though without...
Page 239 - Provided that the period or periods so named by any such local authority shall not exceed in the whole six weeks between the first day of January and the thirty-first day of December in any year.
Page 11 - Fourthly, the establishment of an uniform currency basis for the countries of America, so that the coined products of our mines may circulate on equal terms throughout the whole system of commonwealths. This would require a monetary union of America, whereby the output of the...
Page 387 - ... manifest itself in their persons, or they fall suspiciously ill, the ship shall be remanded instantly to quarantine. The first division of the new system provides for the supplemental station for infected vessels only. The second, for the management of persons arriving at the upper or regular station. These having been described, there remains to be considered the third, for the sanitary treatment of cargo and ship. As soon as a vessel arrives in quarantine and has put ashore all persons, as...
Page 1 - February 13, 1885. To the Senate and House of Representatives: I herewith transmit, as desired by the act of Congress approved July 7, 1884, a letter from the Secretary of State, with accompanying report from the Central and South American commissioners. CHESTER A. ARTHUR. EXECUTIVE MANSION, February 17, 1885.
Page 387 - Government for that accommodation, there to undergo fumigation. As soon as completely emptied, or at least sufficiently so to permit of thorough cleansing and fumigation, the quarantine tug, a compactly built small vessel, somewhat after the fashion of a fire tug for harbor protection, is run alongside the ship. A hose, attached to a powerful forcing pump aboard the tug, is let through the forward hatchway down into the hold. In order to flush the bilge quickly, it might be necessary to take up the...
Page 423 - We shall encourage the investment of foreign capital in the development of the resources of the country, preferably on a partnership basis, and we shall accord to investors the necessary protection and fairness of treatment.
Page 388 - After a few hours the hatches are removed and pure air is driven in to facilitate clearing the ship of the fumes. She is reloaded, and, with her captain on board, proceeds at once to the city, there to be discharged only by an acclimated gang. Her export freights must be ready. She is at once reloaded and starts on her voyage. If the term of detention of her crew has not already expired, she touches at quarantine to take on such as have engaged to reship, and puts to sea, with no more detention than...
Page 1 - Said commissioners shall ascertain the best modes of securing more intimate international and commercial relations between the United States and the several countries of Central and South America; and for that purpose they shall visit such countries in Central and South America as the President may direct.
Page 387 - ... according to circumstances of the possibility of their being infected with the disease in its incubatory stage. If one should fall ill, he is at once removed to a properly isolated hospital, distantly located.

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