Annual Report of the Railroad Commission of Wisconsin, Volume 8, Parts 1913-1914

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Railroad Commission of Wisconsin, 1915 - Railroad law
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Page 74 - All utilities having more than 250 electricity meters in service "shall maintain a meter record, numerically arranged, indicating approximately when the meter was purchased, its identification, its various places of installation, with dates of installation and removal, and the dates, with general results of all tests...
Page 68 - No meter shall be placed in service or allowed to remain in service which has an error in registration in excess of two (2) percent under normal operating conditions.
Page 94 - ... facing point locks. All other derails, switches and other units must be locked either with facing point locks or with switch and lock movements. (b) In plants equipped with mechanical signals, all derails must be provided with bolt locks; also all switches, movable point frogs and other units, where conditions require them. (c) In power plants, the arrangement must be such that the signals operating in connection with derails, facing point switches and other units cannot be operated unless these...
Page 75 - Whenever the service must be interrupted for the purpose of working on a distribution system or the station equipment, this work shall be done at a time which will cause the least inconvenience to consumers, and those who will be most seriously affected by such interruptions shall so far as possible be notified in advance.
Page 75 - Bills rendered periodically for metered gas service shall give the registration of the meter at the beginning and end of the interval for which the bill is rendered, and shall give the date of the readIng of the meter.
Page 70 - In no case shall the gas contain more than thirty grains of total sulphur per 100 cubic feet, and not more than a trace of sulphur as sulphuretted hydrogen. RULE 13 Each company shall keep a record of complaints which shall include the name and address of the consumer, the date, the nature of the complaint.
Page 74 - All other watt-hour meters shall be tested at least once every six months. In no case shall commutator type meters having heavy moving elements and sapphire jewels be allowed to make more than 1,000,000 revolutions between tests. Where meters are found to register considerably in error when tested on the above schedule the Commission reserves the right to order the particular meter or class of meters tested more frequently.
Page 94 - ... (53) feet in length, or longer, if required. (b) Except as hereinafter provided, all crossings shall be equipped with detector bars of suitable length, so interlocked as to insure a clear crossing before an opposing route can be set up or a proceed signal given. (c) Crossing detector bars will not be required where electric locking is installed, nor at outlying crossings of simple character where no switching is performed when the plant is equipped with time locks. Section 24...
Page 75 - Each company supplying electrical energy shall maintain a record of all interruptions of service upon the entire system or major divisions of Its system, and Include In such record time, duration, and cause of each interruption.
Page 68 - ... provided the consumer does not request such test more frequently than once in six months. A report giving the results of each request test shall be made to the consumer, and the complete, original record shall be kept on file in the office of the utility.

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