Builders of united Italy

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H. Holt and company, 1908 - Italy - 349 pages
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Page 144 - Mazzini for a series of years ; and, whatever I may think of his practical insight and skill in worldly affairs, I can with great freedom testify to all men that he, if I have ever seen one such, is a man of genius and virtue, a man of sterling veracity, humanity, and nobleness of mind ; one of those rare men, numerable unfortunately but as units in this world, who are worthy to be called martyr-souls ; who, in silence, piously in their daily life, understand and practise what is meant by that.
Page 351 - Europe. The story of the Italian revolutionary movement ... is full of such incidents as the novelist most desires . . . this novel is one of the strongest of the year, vivid in conception, and dramatic in execution, filled with intense human feeling, and worked up to a tremendously impressive climax.
Page 132 - I see the people pass before my eyes in the livery of •wretchedness and political subjection, ragged and hungry, painfully gathering the crumbs that wealth tosses insultingly to it, or lost and wandering in riot and the intoxication of a brutish, angry, savage joy ; and I remember that those brutalised faces bear the finger-print of God, the mark of the same mission as our own.
Page 294 - sooner than subscribe to such conditions I would lose a hundred Crowns. What my father has sworn I will maintain. If you want war to the death, be it so.
Page 164 - These Arabs, the man Mahomet, and that one century, — is it not as if a spark had fallen, one spark, on a world of what seemed black unnoticeable sand; but lo, the sand proves explosive powder, blazes heaven-high from Delhi to Grenada ! I said, the Great Man was always as lightning out of Heaven; the rest of men waited for him like fuel, and then they too would flame.
Page 60 - ... He had two faiths — one in the truth of Catholicism, another in the future of Italy — and the one, whatever was said, whatever happened, never disturbed the other. In anxious moments, when the harmony between the two was least visible, he expected it the most, and never allowed his faith in the one or the other to be shaken. Rome he wished to be the abode of the King; Rome he wished also to be the abode of the Pope. Obedient to the Divine authority of the Pontificate, no one passed a more...
Page 72 - Church having a supreme head, we must recognize a moral pre-eminence where Heaven has established its seat, and where nearer, quicker, more immediate and more uninterrupted are the inbreathings of its voice. This preeminence certainly does not transgress the natural order of divine intentions, real and efficient in their working and in the obligations they impose. So that the Italians, humanly speaking are the Levites of Christianity, having been chosen by Providence to keep the Christian Pontificate,...
Page 321 - ... Lombardy liberated by the glorious achievements of the army, Central Italy freed by the marvellous merit of her people ; and to-day I have here assembled around me the representatives of the rights and of the hopes of the nation. ... In turning our attention," he concluded, "to the new order of affairs, we invite all sincere opinions to a noble emulation that we may attain the grand end of the wellbeing of the people and the greatness of the country. It is no longer the Italy of the Romans, nor...
Page 53 - Italian classic tragedy in this respect, — one still feels that they are subordinate to the great contests of elements and principles for which the tragedy furnishes a scene. In the Carmagnola the pathos is chiefly in the feeling embodied by the magnificent chorus lamenting the slaughter of Italians by Italians at the battle of Maclodio ; in the Adelchi we are conscious of no emotion so strong as that we experience when we hear the wail of the Italian people, to whom the overthrow of their Longobard...
Page 169 - The Italians need regeneration ; their morale, which was completely corrupted under the ignoble dominion of Spaniards and Austrians, regained a little energy under the French regime, and the ardent youth of the country sighs for a nationality, but to break entirely with the past, to be born anew to a better state, great efforts are necessary and sacrifices of all kinds must remould the Italian character. An Italian war would be a sure pledge that we were going to become again a nation, that we were...

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