The Story of Chartres

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Dent, 1902 - Chartres (France) - 361 pages

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Page 217 - She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.
Page 299 - D'un ris de saint Médard il me fallut répondre. Je poursuis. Mais, ami, laissons-le discourir; Dire cent et cent fois , il en faudrait mourir ; Sa barbe pinçoter, cageoller la science, Relever ses cheveux , dire , en ma conscience...
Page 291 - Sur moi tant de pouvoir n'aura : Nous verrons, volage bergère, Qui premier s'en repentira.
Page 211 - Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.
Page 7 - No ghosts descend to dwell in dreadful night: No parting souls to grisly Pluto go, Nor seek the dreary silent shades below: But forth they fly, immortal in their kind, And other bodies in new worlds they find. Thus life for ever runs its endless race, And, like a line, death but divides the space, A stop which can but for a moment last, A point between the future and the past.
Page 109 - By suffrage universal it was built, As practised then, for all the country came From far as Rouen, to give votes for God, Each vote a block of stone securely laid Obedient to the master's deep-mused plan.
Page 150 - I pause, transfigured by some stripe of bloom, And my mind throngs with shining auguries, Circle on circle, bright as seraphim, With golden trumpets, silent, that await The signal to blow news of good to men.
Page 197 - offices " which, in Pontifical, Missal and Breviary, devout imagination had elaborated from age to age with such a range of spiritual colour and light and shade, with so much poetic tact in quotation, such a depth of insight into the Christian soul, had joined themselves harmoniously together, one office ending only where another began, in the perpetual worship of this mother of churches, which had also its own picturesque peculiarities of " use," proud of its maternal privilege therein.
Page 182 - Age; it was also one unending, elaborate, religious function — a life, or a continuous drama, to take one's part in. Dependent on its structural completeness, on its wealth of well-preserved ornament, on its unity in variety, perhaps on some undefinable operation of genius, beyond, but concurrently with, all these, the church of Chartres has still the gift of a unique power of impressing.
Page 299 - L'œil farouche et troublé, l'esprit à l'abandon, Vous viennent accoster comme personnes yvres, Et disent pour bon-jour, « Monsieur, je fais des livres, On les vend au Palais, et les doctes du temps A les lire amusez, n'ont autre passe-temps.

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