Annual Report of the Board of Gas and Electric Light Commissioners of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Volume 19

Front Cover
The Board, 1904 - Electric Utilities
No. 3-35 include "tables from the annual returns" for the year ending June 30.

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Page cxcvii - Section six of said chapter five hundred and thirtyseven is hereby amended by inserting after the word "board", in the second line, the words : — and with the consent of the mayor and aldermen of any city or the selectmen of any town in which the works, distributing system and other property hereinafter mentioned are situated, — so as to read as follows : — Section 6.
Page cc - ... transferred as collateral security shall be entitled to a new certificate if the instrument of transfer substantially describes the debt or duty which is intended to be secured thereby. Such new certificate shall express on its face that it is held as collateral security, and the name of the pledgor shall be stated thereon, who alone shall be liable as a stockholder, and entitled to vote thereon.
Page 56 - ... not exceeding twenty years from the date thereof, and bearing interest at a...
Page clxxxix - ... advocate, oppose, or otherwise interfere in, or make any request, recommendation, endorsement, requirement or certificate relative to, and the same, if made, shall not be required as a condition precedent to, or be in any way regarded or permitted to influence or control, the appointment, promotion, reinstatement or retention of any person employed or seeking employment by any such corporation, and no such person shall solicit, obtain, exhibit, or otherwise make use of any such official request,...
Page 69 - Any city or town may, under the limitations of this act, construct, purchase, lease or establish, and maintain within its limits one or more plants for the manufacture or distribution of gas or electricity for furnishing light for municipal use, and for the use of such of its inhabitants as may require and pay for the same as herein provided.
Page cxcvi - ... provided, however, that they may order structural changes for any purpose whenever the necessity therefor has been reported in accordance with the provisions of section five of chapter five hundred and thirtyseven of the acts of the year nineteen hundred and seven.
Page 70 - ... per cent. per annum, payable semi-annually on the first days of April and October in each year.
Page clxxxv - The mayor and aldermen of a city or the selectmen of a town through which the lines of a company are to pass shall give the company a writing specifying where the poles may be located, the kind of poles, the height at which, and the places where, the wires may run.
Page 69 - ... bearing interest at a rate not to exceed 4 per cent per annum, payable...
Page clxxxvi - Such value shall be estimated without enhancement on account of future earning capacity, or good will, or of exclusive privileges derived from rights in the public streets.

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