Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London, Volume 2

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Edward Stanford, 1858 - Electronic journals
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Page 245 - Chair. THE Minutes of the previous Meeting having been read and confirmed, the regulations respecting the Anniversary Meetings were next read, when the President appointed William Bollaert and John Brown, Esqrs., Scrutineers for the Ballot. The
Page 137 - on the plains of Marathon, or whose piety would not grow warmer among the ruins of lona.
Page 272 - account of the Maritime Surveys of Britain, for the substance of which I am indebted to my eminent friend Captain Washington. The Coast Surveys in course of execution under the orders of the Admiralty both at home and abroad have made steady progress during the past year. They are conducted by twenty different surveying
Page 264 - the conviction, that the love of scientific pursuits and the means of pursuing them are not confined to the metropolis ; and I hope that when the Government is fully impressed with the knowledge of the great desire entertained to promote science in every part of the empire, they will see the necessity of affording it
Page 245 - The President then read his Anniversary Address, for which a unanimous Vote of Thanks was passed, with a request that he would allow it to be printed. The Ballot being concluded, the Scrutineers reported that the changes advised by the Council had been adopted. The
Page 387 - (Leif's Booths). A German named Tyrker, who accompanied Leif on this voyage, was the man who found the wild vines, which he recognised from having seen them in his own land, and Leif gave the country its name from this circumstance. Two years afterwards
Page 388 - addition hereto we have the astronomical remark that the shortest day in Vineland was 9 hours long, which fixes the latitude of 41° 24' 10", or just that of the promontories which limit the entrances to Mount Hope Bay, where Leifs booths
Page 387 - detailed the character of these lands more exactly, and gave them names according to their appearance : Helluland (Newfoundland) was so called from its flat stones, Markland (Nova Scotia) from its woods, and Vineland (New England) from its vines. Here he remained for some time, and constructed large houses, called after him Leifsbudir
Page 288 - business of the world, is to step out of a palace of enchantment into the cold gray light of a Polar day :" for, whilst we may doubtless plume ourselves on our present geographical knowledge, when compared with that of the author of the ' Odyssey,
Page 42 - ever came to us and lied. I want you to declare to us truthfully what the Great Queen of your country intends to do to us when she will take the country from the Fur Company's people ? All around me I see the smoke of the white man to

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