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Heavily gender essentialist and heterocentric, as well as being critical of feminism in ways that are not quite fair. Understandably male-centered book -- it's a book for men about masculinity -- but ... Read full review

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The four archetypes show their power from the first. These are not alien ideas forced onto us. Rather, they are us, in a more pure form. The archetypes help us to see what is best in ourselves, as men ... Read full review

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Moore separates the pysche into four dimensions, which obviously correspond with the title of the book, and deals with the importance of each role to the male psyche and to society. (Later he is going to write about the need for Kings.) Read full review

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King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, is an attempt to specify the fundamental aspects of mature masculine personality, through a Jungian perspective. The authors identify these four primary facets of masculine energy, their development from precursory energies in boyhood, and how failure to manifest these ideal energies results in some stereotypical patterns of dysfunction.
I'm a big fan of reductive psychological enterprises like this, and I really wanted to like this book. The attempt, however, is rather speculative. The book is dominated by its Jungian aspect; the authors habitually found their images of these primary ideals in images from mythology rather than principled studies of human behavior.
A lot of their statements about world religion (lumping introspective religions together as essentially the same, for example) or anthropology are clearly drawn from popular culture rather than true sources in social science. They overestimate, for example, the specialization of knowledge embodied in a tribal Shaman.
That said, the archetypical ideals and deficiencies they present "ring true", and I think they might be an interesting basis for examining behavior.

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Excellent book for all men and the women who love them. Read full review

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