The History of Japan: Together with a Description of the Kingdom of Siam, 1690-92, Volume 3

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Page 94 - ... each other, to dance, to jump, to play the drunkard, to speak broken Japanese, to read Dutch, to paint, to sing, to put our cloaks on and off. Meanwhile we obeyed the emperor's commands in the best manner we could ; I joined to my dance a love-song in High German.
Page 307 - ... of villages and boroughs : You scarce come out of one, but you enter another; and you may travel many miles, as it were, in one street, without knowing it to be composed of many villages, but by the differing names, that were formerly given them, and which they 1692.
Page 21 - ... blades, and other arms are made here in the utmost perfection, as are also the richest dresses, and after the best fashion...
Page 88 - Accordingly he crawled on his hands and knees to a place showed him between the presents, ranged in due order on one side, and the place where the emperor sat on the other, and then kneeling, he bowed his forehead quite down to the ground, and so crawled backwards like a crab, without uttering one single word. So mean and short a thing is the audience we have of this mighty monarch.
Page 352 - They told us they had received letters from the Emperor, whom they had acquainted with our being here, and with the intent of our coming to trade, upon account of our former friendship, (all which, as they were advised, had been considered) but in regard our King was married with the daughter of Portugal their enemy, they could not admit us to have any trade, and for no other reason.
Page 336 - United and peaceable, taught to give due worship to the gods, due obedience to the laws, due submission to their superiors, due love and regard to their neighbours, civil, obliging, virtuous ; in art and industry excelling all other nations ; possessed of an excellent country, enriched by mutual trade and commerce among themselves ; courageous, abundantly supplied with all the necessaries of life ; and withal enjoying the fruits of peace and tranquillity.
Page 167 - Bingo-tamo, welcomed us in the emperor's name, and then desired us to sit upright, to take off our cloaks, to tell him our names and age, to stand up, to walk, to turn about, to sing songs, to compliment one another, to be angry...
Page 87 - Having waited here upwards of an hour, and the emperor having in the mean while seated himself in the hall of audience, TsinaKami and the two commissioners came in and conducted our president into the emperor's presence, leaving us behind. As soon as he came thither, they cried out aloud, Hollanda Captain ! which was the signal for him to draw near and make his obeisance.
Page 93 - Then he ordered us to take off our cappa or cloak, being our garment of ceremony ; then to stand upright, that he might have a full view of us ; again, to walk, to stand still, to compliment each other, to dance, to jump, to play the drunkard, to speak broken Japanese, to read Dutch, to paint, to sing, to put our cloaks on and off. Meanwhile we...

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