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Wow! Intense, Emotional, Wonderful are the first words that come to my mind after reading this book. Megan Miranda has written a book that will stay with the reader a long, long time after reading it. She has created a setting that was so well written you could feel the cold. If you have never fallen through ice, even up to your knees you can only imagine how it feels. The main character Delaney falls through the ice and her description of it is spot on. I know, I have fallen through ice. It is not fun. I loved Delaney for several reasons. When she miraculously wakes up in the hospital and realizes she has been in a coma for six days and she is going to live, her first thoughts were of school and how much she had missed. I was that nerdy girl in school. Decker, her neighbor and best friend is one of those guys you want to slap upside the head and scream, “open your eyes”. It seemed to take him forever to acknowledge they had feelings for each other. When he dated her friend, I remembered my boyfriend and I breaking up, and we dated each other’s best friends. As you can see this book is relatable to teens on so many levels.
When it comes to evil and creepiness, Megan has done a wonderful balancing job. We are introduced to Troy who has some of the same “gifts” or “curses” depending on how you look at it, as Delaney. She thinks he can help her and others. She quickly realizes he is not who she thought he was. This book kept me reading from page one to the end. You just didn’t want to put it down. It is amazing that this is a debut novel because this author writes like a seasoned pro. This is a must read by everyone who loves a little bit of romance, a little bit of paranormal wrapped up with in a mysterious tragedy. I don’t re-read books very often but this one I definitely will re-read.

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