Radium; Abstracts of Selected Articles on Radium and Radium Therapy

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Adams & Grace Company, 1922 - Radium - 164 pages
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Page 123 - The patient being in the recumbent position, the pelvis slightly elevated and the legs flexed on the thighs and the thighs on the pelvis, a tube usually containing 5 centigrammes of the radium salt is carried to the prostatic urethra.
Page 110 - In none of the author's cases was there any tendency to regeneration of the gland. Possibly these results could have been obtained by a single intensive X-ray treatment, but no such results have been reported in the literature. Radium, as well as the roentgen ray, is specific in its effect, but radium has the following advantages : it is portable ; it gives the desired result in one treatment ; its use is simple and therefore the dangerous element of fright which causes infants to resist the fixation...
Page 18 - The value of radium is unquestionably established in chronic and subacute arthritis of all kinds (luetic and tuberculous excepted) acute, subacute and chronic joint and muscular rheumatism (so called) in gout, sciatica, neuralgia, polyneuritis, lumbago and the lancinating pain of tabes.
Page 72 - ... of from 600,000 to 1,000,000 volts would be necessary in order to produce Roentgen rays of as great penetration as the most penetrating rays of radium, that is, currents ten times greater than the strongest currents now employed for the Roentgen rays. Previous to the advent of improved Roentgenray tubes of the Coolidge type this argument was more convincing than at present ; with the penetration of the Roentgen rays completely under one's control, it is reasonable to hope that Roentgen rays can...
Page 161 - It is evident, he concludes, that marked changes may occur in the fingers of those engaged in routine work with radioactive substances. These local objective changes consist chiefly of flattening of the characteristic ridges, thickening and scaling of the superficial layers of the skin and even atrophy and intractable ulceration.
Page 72 - Clark, and by massive doses of Roentgen rays. One fact that would seem to justify hopes of superior results from radium is that the most penetrating Roentgen rays in use represent the output of a 60,000 to 100,000 volt current, while it is estimated that an electric current of from 600,000 to 1,000,000 volts would be necessary in order to produce Roentgen rays of as great penetration as the most penetrating rays of radium, that is, currents ten times greater than the strongest currents now employed...
Page 9 - Mache units. It has been claimed that radium emanation is of value in all forms of non-suppurative, acute, subacute and chronic arthritis, in chronic muscle and joint rheumatism, in arthritis deformas, acute and chronic gout, neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago and in tabes dorsalis for the relief of lancinating pains. Its chief value is in the relief of pain. Surgically marked results are obtained in the removal of epitheliomata, birthmarks and scars. Radium may be administered in baths, by subcutaneous...
Page 99 - Early. ( 1 ) Fall in lymphocyte count from two to four weeks after treatment, sometimes lasting till the end of the second month. (2) Fall in polymorphonuclears after treatment, sometimes simultaneous with the fall in lymphocytes but usually coming later and being less striking. (3) An attempt of the lymphocytes to recuperate, as shown by...
Page 110 - In his series of 41 cases the dosage administered seemed to be sufficient to cure large as well as small thymic overgrowths in one application, and as it has been proven conclusively that the thymus has no function after birth, there need be no fear of over treatment.
Page 44 - ... after the radium treatment a hysterectomy was performed ; adenocarcinoma of the fundus was found. Abdominal myomectomy was performed in seven patients who received only temporary benefit following the radium treatment ; two of these had had radium treatment a second time. We attempt to give the women under thirtyfive enough radium to control the symptoms, but not enough to stop menstruation, and it is difficult to judge the amount necessary in each case. It is better to give a small dose, however,...

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