Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume 7

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Essex Institute, 1919 - Essex County (Mass.)
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Page 359 - I would lay it there againe. but in the morning it was not to be found, the bag hanged downe empty, but after was found in a box alone. Againe while I was writing this morning I was forced to forbeare writing any more, I was so disturbed with so many things constantly thrown at me. This relation taken December eighth, 1679.
Page 138 - Carlton sometimes of Rowley left an estate in New England when he went out of the country, part of which (he...
Page 356 - I saw the andiron leap into the pot, and dance and leap out, and again leap in and dance and leap out again, and leap on a table and there abide, and my wife saw the andiron on the table : also I saw the pot turn itself over, and throw down all the water. Again, we saw a tray with wool leap up and down, and throw the wool out, and...
Page 311 - Captain more answered him that allthough the bell weere giuen to you yet said hee I dont know, but I might haue kept the bell as well as you for I brought it home and I neuer gaue a bill of Lading for it neither was I euer paid for the freight of it. Captain Lawthrop answered Captain more that hee might haue kept such and such things naming seuerall things as well as the bell for I had no more bill of Lading to show for them said hee then for the Bell : Come Come...
Page 235 - The Widow Allen Testifieth That her husband William Allen deceaced gaue his Sonne Samuell more then he gaue his other Sonnes thes things following & that therefore he gaue him not A double Portion first at his first mariadg or before helpt to buld him An house Secondly he gaue him Thre Cattell one After Another Thirdly he hath bin helpfull unto him Cince as he Could.
Page 329 - Wonn, John Ingerson's Negro, testified that a month ago, going into the woods with the horses and sled, he took up his load of wood and came as far as Wm. Bean's house. Going back again into the woods between Norman's rocks and Fish Brook, by the swamp side, his horses started and snorted as if they were frightened, and would not go forward but ran down into the swamp up to their bellies.
Page 234 - The Last will of Willallam Allen Sen of Manchester made y* 7 of June 1678 Imprimes I doe make my wife Elezebeth Allen my full & Sole execcuter of all my lands & goods duereing her life & after y* deth of my wife to be dissposed in maner & forem as folleth y* is to say I give to my Sone Samuell y...
Page 356 - Morse his house, affirm that the earth in the chimney-corner moved, and scattered on them ; that Tho. Rogers was hit with somewhat, Hardy with an iron ladle as is supposed. Somewhat hit William Morse a great blow, but it was so swift that they could not certainly tell what it was ; but, looking down after they heard the noise, they saw a shoe.
Page 357 - how can all these things be done by him ? ' Said he, ' Although he may not have done all, yet most of them ; for this boy is a young rogue, a vile rogue : I have watched him, and see him do things as to come up and down.
Page 355 - 4. The night following, I had a great awl lying in the window, the which awl we saw fall down out of the chimney into the ashes by the fire. " 5. After this, I bid the boy put the same awl into the cupboard, which we saw done, and the door shut to : this same awl came presently down the chimney again in our sight, and I took it up myself. Again, the same night, we saw a little Indian basket, that was in the loft before, come down the chimney again. And I took the same...

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