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J. Johnson, 1802 - English essays
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Page 113 - ... the happiness she enjoys. She opposes every man's virtues to his failings, and can find out something to cherish and applaud in the very worst of her acquaintance. She opens every book with a desire to be entertained or instructed, and therefore seldom misses what she looks for. Walk with her, though it be but on a heath or a common, and she will discover numberless beauties, unobserved before, in the hills, the dales, the broom, the brakes, and the variegated flowers of weeds and poppies.
Page 48 - I unfortunately -weigh four-and-twenty stone, and I guess that you do not exceed twelve. From this circumstance .singly, I am doubly the mark that you are ; but besides ,this, you are active, and I am unwieldy. I therefore propose to you, that from this day forwards, we severally endeavour by all possible means, you to fatten, and I to waste, till we can meet at the medium of eighteen stone. I will lose no time on my part, being impatient to prove to you that I am not quite unworthy of the good opinion...
Page 37 - This is followed by many other bon mots, equally ingenious, alluding to the title of my paper, and worth at least the twopence a week that it costs. In the city (for my paper has made its way to that end of the town, upon the supposition of its being a fashionable one in this) I am received and considered in a different light.
Page 9 - This alone of all the four brings true instruction with it, and advances us in our way to knowledge. For, (1.) It argues not another man's opinion to be right, because I, out of respect, or any other consideration but that of conviction, will not...
Page 204 - Labour ; she suffered herself to be debauched by Intemperance, and at last died in child-birth of Disease. Contentment in the absence of her sister, gave herself up to the enticements of Sloth, and was never heard of after ; while Labour, who could have no enjoyment without her daughters, went every where in search of them, till she was at last seized by lassitude in her way, and died in misery.
Page 39 - ... little more than what the same qua'ntity of plain paper would cost. Taking it therefore all together, it seems not inconsistent with good economy to purchase it at so small a price. This reflection might mortify me as an author, but on the other hand, self-love, which is ingenious in availing itself of the slightest favourable circumstances, comforts me...
Page 112 - ... accomplishments. They were originally alike in temper too ; but, by different management, are grown the reverse of each other. Arachne has accustomed herself to look only on the dark side of every object. If...

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