Some account of Robert Greene and his writings. Orlando Furioso. A looking glass for London and England. Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. Specimen of the Famous historie of Fryer Bacon

W. Pickering, 1831 - 324 páginas

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Página lxxxi - misery yee bee not warned : for vnto none of you (like me) sought those burs to cleaue ; those Puppits (I meane) that speake from our mouths, those Anticks garnisht in our colours. Is it not strange that I to whome they all have bin beholding: is it not like that you, to whom they all
Página xlii - Leatherhead haue given light to, in my time, since my master Pod died! Jerusalem was a stately thing, and so was Nineveh, and the city of Norwich, &c. Ben Jonson's Bartholomew Fair, act V. sc. I. " I wonder that amongst all your objects, you presented us not with Platoes Idea, or the sight
Página lxxix - To those Gentlemen his Quondam acquaintance, that spend their wits in making Playes, RG wisheth a better exercise, and wise-dome to preuent his extremities. " If wofull experience may mooue you (Gentlemen) to beware, or vnheard of wretchednes
Página lxxxii - For the first, whose learning I reuerence, and at the perusing of Greenes Booke, stroke out what then in conscience I thought he in some displeasure writ: or had it beene true, yet to publish it, was intollerable : him I would wish to vse me no worse than I deserue.
Página lxxxi - bin beholding, shall (were yee in that case that I am now) be both of them at once forsaken ? Yes trust them not: for there is an vpstart Crow * beautified with our Feathers, that with his Tygres
Página lxxxi - Iteart, wrapt in a Players hyde, supposes hee is as well able to bombast out a Blanke verse, as the best of you : and beeing an absolute Iohannes fac totum, is in his owne
Página xlvi - punctum, although latelye two Gentlemen Poets made two mad men of Rome beate it out of their paper bucklers : and had it in derision, for that I could not make my verses iet vpon the stage in tragicall buskins, euerie worde filling the mouth like the faburden of Bo-Bell, daring God out of heauen with that Atheist
Página lxxix - with a voyce of thunder, and I haue left, [felt] he is a God that can punish enemies. Why should thy excellent wit, his gift be so blinded, that thou shouldest giue no glory to the Giuer ? Is it pestilent Machiuilian
Página xxviii - of mans wit, the Dialogue of Dines, and for seuen yeeres space was absolute interpreter of the Puppets. But now my Almanacke is out of date. The people make no estimation Of Morals, teaching Education. Was not this prety for a plaine rime extempore 1 if ye will yee shall haue more.
Página ciii - effects of Fortune, the wonders of Loue, the triumphes of inconstant Time. Displaying in sundrie conceipted passions (figured in a continuate Historic) the Trophees that Vertue carrieth triumphant, maugre the wrath of Enuie, or the resolution of Fortune. A worke worthie the youngest eares for pleasure, or the

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