Noise and Vibration from High-speed Trains

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Victor V. Krylov
Thomas Telford, 2001 - Technology & Engineering - 435 pages
During the past decade, high-speed railways have become one of the most advanced and fast-developing branches of transportation. Unfortunately, when train speeds increase, the intensity of railway-generated noise and vibration generally become higher, presenting major environmental problems. Since operating train speeds are gradually increasing in all countries and this trend is likely to continue in the future, the knowledge and understanding of possible noise and vibration effects is vital to undertake possible mitigation measures. Noise and vibration from high-speed trains is a definitive reference work on this subject covering the numerous theoretical and practical questions that need to be answered. This comprehensive new book provides the reader with the most recent experimental data, combining, informative illustrations and authoritative information. It represents in one volume the views of leading international experts on the problem of noise and vibration from high-speed trains and suggests possible ways of reducing its environmental impact.Noise and vibration from high-speed trains is essential reading for all scientists and engineers working on prediction and remediation of railway noise and vibration. It is written specifically for environmental consultants, local authorities and designers of new railway lines and will also be an invaluable reference tool for university students and anybody concerned with topical environmental issues.

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Preface xi
Wheel and rail excitation from roughness
Highspeed train noise barrier tests at reduced scale
Generic prediction models for environmental railway noise
Measurements of railway noise
Means of controlling rolling noise at source
Micropressure waves radiating from a Shinkansen tunnel portal
Emergence of an acoustic shock wave in a tunnel and a concept
Generation of ground vibration boom by highspeed trains
trackembankmentsoil response
Prediction and measurements of ground vibrations generated from
Measures for reducing ground vibration generated by trains in tunnels

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