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Page 79 - Tarsus held ; or that seabeast Leviathan, which God of all his works Created hugest that swim the ocean stream : Him, haply, slumbering on the Norway foam The pilot of some small night-founder'd skiff Deeming some island, oft, as seamen tell, With fixed anchor in his scaly rind Moors by his side under the lee, while night Invests the sea, and wished morn delays...
Page 16 - A branch of may we have brought you And at your door it stands. It is but a sprout But it's well budded out By the work of our Lord's hands. The hedges and trees they are so green, As green as any leek. Our heavenly father He watered them With his heavenly dew so sweet. The heavenly gates are open wide, Our paths are beaten plain, And if a man be not too far gone He may return again. The life of man is but a span, It flourishes like a flower. We are here today and gone tomorrow, And we are dead in...
Page 14 - My wife away down with Jane and W. Hewer to Woolwich, in order to a little ayre and to lie there to-night, and so to gather May-dew ' to-morrow morning, which Mrs. Turner hath taught her is the only thing in the world to wash her face with ; and I am contented with it.
Page 16 - With his heavenly dew so sweet. " The heavenly gates are open wide, Our paths are beaten plain, And if a man be not too far gone, He may return again. " The life of man is but a span, It flourishes like a flower, We are here to-day, and gone to-morrow, And we are dead in an hour. " The moon shines bright, and the stars give a light, A little before it is day, So God bless you all, both great and small, And^send you a joyful May.
Page 19 - Cheveritte, the baron's chief minstrel, on the bagpipes accompanied with the pipe and tabour, performed by one of his associates. When the dance was finished, Gregory the jester, who undertook to play the hobby-horse, came forward with his appropriate equipment, and, frisking up and down the square without restriction, imitated the galloping, curvetting, ambling, trotting, and other paces of a horse, to the infinite satisfaction of the lower classes of the spectators. He was followed by Peter Parker,...
Page 15 - ... which remained in Bancroft for more than an hour, was composed as follows : — First came two men with their faces blacked, one of them with a birch broom in his hand, and a large artificial hump on his back ; the other dressed as a woman, all in rags and tatters, with a large straw bonnet on, and carrying a ladle: these are called
Page 40 - Isoire," or Isouard, (from a famous robber, who once infested that neighbourhood), on the old road to Orleans, was purchased, with a piece of ground adjoining ; and the first operations were to make an entrance into the quarries by a flight of seventy-seven steps, and to sink a well from the surface, down which the bones might be thrown. Meantime, the workmen below walled off that part of the quarries which was designed for the great charnel-house, opened a communication between the upper and lower...
Page 63 - The cook, a coloured Spaniard, told them that, on their arrival at Principe, in three days they would have their throats cut, be chopped in pieces, and salted down for meat for the Spaniards. He pointed to some barrels of beef on the deck, then to an empty barrel, and by significant gestures — as the Mendians say, by " talking with his fingers " — he made them understand that they were to be slain, &c.
Page 171 - At this time he was supposed to be about thirteen years old, and could not speak. This singular creature was presented to King George I., then at Hanover, while at dinner. The king caused him to taste of all the dishes at the table ; and in order to bring him by degrees to relish human diet, he directed that he should have such provision as he seemed best to like, and such instruction as might beet fit him for human society.
Page 69 - ... centuries ago ! The glacier history of 200 years is revealed in the interval, and a block ten times the volume of the greatest of the Egyptian monoliths, which has just commenced its march, will see out the course of six generations of men ere its pilgrimage, too, be accomplished, and it is laid low and motionless in the common grave of its predecessors.

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