A Manual of Gynecology

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Lea & Febiger, 1922 - Gynecology - 396 pages

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Page 85 - A pledget of cotton saturated with a 10 per cent, solution of cocaine is placed on the spot selected for the operation.
Page 52 - ... bladder. A head mirror to reflect an electric light or daylight into the bladder. A simple suction apparatus to empty the bladder of any remaining urine. An applicator for treatments. An examination of this kind can be made, as a rule, under local anesthesia by inserting a pledget, saturated with a ten per cent solution of cocain, just inside the urethral orifice. In ten minutes the mucosa will be so benumbed that the little conical dilator can be inserted, and, with a rapid movement, the urethra...
Page 26 - ... Robinson believes that a prolonged menstrual life depends on a largely developed solar and hypogastric plexus, which indicate a large blood-supply as well. By the menopause is understood the whole period from the beginning irregularities in the time of appearance of the menstrual flow until its actual cessation. The average duration of the menopause is two and a half to three years. The menopause is a physiological and conservative process. It occurs at a time of life when all the tissues are...
Page 274 - If the menses are not re-established within two or three days after their suppression, the patient should remain in bed for a week or ten days...
Page 158 - The patient is in the dorsal recumbent position, and the labia separated with the thumb and index finger of the left hand, while the pessary is held by its anterior bar, with the posterior bar obliquely against the vulvar fissure, and is inserted into the transverse diameter of the vagina.
Page 198 - In the case of polypus, the body and fundus of the uterus are in their normal position in the abdomen, a sound can be passed into the uterus, the uterine and cervical canals are not obliterated, the polypus does not bleed easily, and is not particularly sensible to pain. The inverted uterus shows : Absence of body and fundus from normal position, will not permit passage of a sound into...
Page 22 - Definition of Menstruation. — Menstruation may, then, be defined as the periodic discharge of blood from the uterus...
Page 256 - Their rapidity of growth is usually in inverse proportion to the age of the patient. The younger the patient the more rapid the rate of growth.
Page 37 - This is the usual posture for vaginal examinations. The Dorsosacral Elevated Position.— The patient is placed on her back with the hips at the edge of the table; the thighs are strongly flexed on the abdomen and the legs on the thighs, and held in this position with a sheet sling or canvas leg holder. The whole pelvis is then elevated twelve to twenty inches above the surface of the table by placing pillows or a firm cushion under the hips.
Page 171 - ... upon the aponeurosis. The suture ends upon each side are withdrawn from the Deschamps needle, and secured by a hemostat. Seizing the suture upon one side and drawing upon it to make it tense, a pair of pointed scissors, closed, is thrust alongside the ligature and the blades separated, when, in the majority of cases, the traction causes a loop of the ligament to follow the withdrawal of the scissors. Where it does not at once follow, it can be teased through by pressing back FIG.

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