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It is a very good book, It is in my top 5 ( the Bible, pilgrim's progress, beyond radical... ) the books name speaks for itself.

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Mr. Griffin is the author of another great book - The Creature from Jekyll Island. I have not read this book yet, but have heard lectures and seen is sited many time in other respected works.
World Without Cancer was an excellent book that teaches much more than the cure for cancer. Without a good working Internet connection I cannot double check Mr. Griffin's sources from the ship, but I know what I will find. He claims Trophoblasts, as theorized John Beard in 1902, is the root cause of cancer. A simple CHG test can determine if trophoblasts are in your system.
Within the last 4 months I learned about the CHG test because my wife had this very test come back positive. It was not positive for cancer, but for the new little baby that was growing inside her. These cells are the beginning of life. We also store them for healing our body.
That is where Vitamin B17 comes in. The connection may be that trophoblasts trying to repair parts of our body fail and develop into cancer. B17 seems to naturally control this issue. Gen 1:29 has the cure – “the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat.” B17 is inside the seed. EAT THE SEEDS.
Now for the big issue. Laetrile is the processed form of B17 that can be given to reverse cancer 80% of the time. The FDA has made this vitamin ILLIGAL. Why would the FDA do that I wonder? Well in this 345 page book you can get the depth of detail to answer all these questions.

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