Elements of Physics: Or, Natural Philosophy, General and Medical ...

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Lea & Blanchard, 1856 - Physics - 486 pages
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Page xvi - I have roads, and canals, and bridges, to bear the coal for my winter fire ; nay, I have protecting fleets and armies around my happy country, to secure my enjoyments and repose. Then I have editors and printers, who daily send me an account of what is going on throughout the world...
Page xvi - ... among themselves, and whose thoughts and interests were confined very much within their own little territories and rude habits.
Page 193 - Its aliment is coal, wood, charcoal, or other combustible ; it consumes none while idle ; it never tires, and wants no sleep ; it is not subject to malady when originally well made, and only refuses to work when worn out with age...
Page 71 - A man in a boat pulling a rope attached to a large ship, seems only to move the boat : but he really moves the ship a little, for...
Page 178 - In that awful night, but for the little tube of mercury, which had given the warning, neither the strength of the noble ship, nor the skill and energies of the commander, could have saved one man to tell the tale.
Page xvi - I am lodged in a house that affords me conveniences and comforts which even a king could not command some centuries ago. There are ships crossing the seas in every direction, to bring what is useful to me from all parts of the earth. In China, men are gathering the tea-leaf for me ; in America, they are planting cotton for me ; in the West India Islands, they are preparing my sugar and my coffee ; in Italy, they are feeding...
Page 174 - Indies steal rum, by inserting the long neck of a bottle full of water through the top aperture of the rum-cask. The water falls out of the bottle into the cask, while the lighter rum ascends in its stead.
Page 193 - ... or a regiment of soldiers, with greater speed than that of our fleetest coaches. It is the king of machines; and a permanent realization of the genii of eastern fable, whose supernatural powers were occasionally at the command of man.
Page 410 - ... equal weight to ascend the same stair, one of whom takes only a minute to reach the top, and the other takes four minutes, it will cost the first little more than a fourth part of the fatigue which it costs the second, because the exhaustion is in proportion to the time during which the muscles are acting. The quick mover may have exerted, perhaps, one-twentieth more force in the first instant, to give his body the greater velocity, which was afterwards continued, but the sloth supported his...
Page 178 - ... tell the tale. On the following morning the wind was again at rest, but the ship lay upon the yet heaving waves, an unsightly wreck. The marine barometer differs from that used on shore, in having its tube contracted in one place to a very narrow bore, so as to prevent that sudden rising and falling of the mercury, which every motion of the ship would else occasion.

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