The History of Canada: Canada under British rule

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Roswell & Hutchinson, 1893 - Canada
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Page 184 - I have but to give stretch to the Indian forces under my direction — and they amount to thousands — to overtake the hardened enemies of Great Britain and America. I consider them the same, wherever they may lurk.
Page 184 - The messengers of justice and of wrath await them in the field; and devastation, famine and every concomitant horror that a reluctant but indispensible prosecution of military duty must occasion, will bar the way to their return.
Page 287 - States never permit individuals to be pillaged. 3. The troops under his Excellency General Burgoyne will be conducted by the most convenient route to New England, marching by easy marches, and sufficiently provided for by the way.
Page 292 - Burgoyne find it necessary to send for their clothing and other baggage to Canada, they are to be permitted to do it in the most convenient manner, and the necessary passports granted for that purpose.
Page 287 - General Burgoyne's army being exceedingly reduced by repeated defeats, by desertion, sickness, &c., — their provisions exhausted, their military stores, tents and baggage taken or destroyed, their retreat cut off and their camp invested, they can only be allowed to surrender prisoners of war.
Page 292 - Canadian establishment, consisting of sailors, batteauxmen, artificers, drivers, independent companies, and many other followers of the army, who come under no particular description, are to be permitted to return there ; they are to be conducted immediately by the shortest route to the first British post on Lake George, are to be supplied with provisions in the same manner as the other troops, and are to be bound by the same condition of not serving during the present contest in North America.
Page 437 - Be it therefore further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said proclamation, so far as the same relates to the said province of Quebec, and the commission under the authority whereof the government of the said province...
Page 315 - But when that country professes the unnatural design not only of estranging herself from us but of mortgaging herself and her resources to our enemies, the whole contest is changed...
Page 405 - ... it is determined that above five thousand men, rank and file, shall be embarked on board the king's ships, and the joint exertions of the navy and army made in a few days to relieve you, and afterwards co-operate with you.
Page 291 - A free passage was to be granted to the army under Lieutenant-general Burgoyne to Great Britain, upon condition of not serving again in North America during the present contest.

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