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Bruce Lee chow young king The Blind Swordsman Ancient classical warrior photo shoot s took at run run shaw brother s and golden harvest studio s between 1972-1973 Bruce Lee s Last visit March 30th 1973 at a Fan Fair I decided to recreate this put The warrior swordsman back on the map world wide millions of fans had Never seen theys before took me a very long time to show fans original s worldwide now fans like they have seen different side of Bruce as armed warrior swordsman by mark ashy 74 aka 

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Hello Dears,
Assalam-U-Alaikum ,
I am Faisal Mehmood belong to Tai’s Bando Karate (Martial Arts). I am black belt in”Bando Karate “(Martial Arts) and won lots of fights and demonstrations. Lets we
know about Karate (Martial Arts). Martial Arts Is one of the best defending Arts you can do with a show.
With Martial Arts You can learn much Technique’s to defend your self and others.
Also you can calm you mind in a smooth warm up session.
So if you are someone who has anger management problems Karate (Martial Arts) Is probably one of the best chilling up sessions you can do.
Apart from when you are doing an Attack session which is a lot more fun
That is indeed true, controversial (or contradictory) as it may seem.
Many parents do not want to cross this threshold, for example if they have a child who needs to follow a course of anger management.
The problem is that still too often, martial arts are seen as 'training violence'.
That is, however, completely the wrong attitude, as people often forget that one of the main factors in martial arts is discipline.
That includes getting things like violence, attacking, anger and the likes out of your mind. Well... there is also Karate (Martial Arts) that are not (that) aggressive at all, such as Aikido (which I practiced for a while) and Tai Chi (which seems to be half martial art / half meditation). I have tried a few martial arts but quit shortly after i started because I wasn't particularly interested in them but still they never teach you how to attack someone they only teach you how to defend yourself, all the example situations they teach you are never like someone owes you money so you go bash them. It’s always in Self Defence. Obviously you can use the skills they teach you to attack but they always tell you to only use Karate (Martial Arts) when it is absolutely necessary and trying to sort it out peacefully is the best option. But they still are teaching you to fight but they try to teach you to use the martial art skill in a good way.
My # 0345-2948322

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