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An interesting and well ordered look at the causes and consequences of the financial crisis from a mainstream but non New Keynesian approach. Its focus on the role of government agencies in the fostering of the housing boom alone makes it worthwhile. Read full review

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I really liked this book.
It was mostly analysis, not lots of facts. Some of his conclusions I thought were lacking in evidence.
It explained a lot of things to me, though, that I never knew. It
explains how, exactly, the Chinese government keeps its currency's exchange rate fixed. It explains why it was somewhat plausible for a security made up only of subprime mortgages to be rated AAA. But mostly it explains why the world economy is so unstable, and makes serious suggestions for improvement.
Definitely worth a read for anyone with an interest in or patience for macro economics.

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I had been wanting to read this book for many months since it had been billed as the Goldman Sachs/Financial Times 2010 business book of the year.
Unfortunately, this book was hard to read
, stylistically simple and lacked any truly captivating narrative. It was like reading a power point presentation. Although the ideas put forth were sometimes interesting I found the prose to be uninspiring.
Also, it seemed that the author was biting off more than he could chew. Each chapter covered a rather large issue over the course of about 20 pages, not nearly enough to craft a thorough argument.
There was one very interesting section called The Cost of Undervaluation, very near the end of the book, about the relationship of the renminbi to the dollar and the various repercussions of that policy. The section gave me new insight into this topic. Yet, again, it could have just as easily been put in bullet point format and been as interesting.

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One can't argue with Raghuram Rajan on any aspect of the 'fault-lines' defined by him as responsible for the present economic crisis. At all times, he keeps the bigger picture in mind without getting stuck by bias or prejudice especially against the investment banking thieves - Pradeep Kabra

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