Richard Simon Critical History of the Text of the New Testament: wherein is Established the Truth of the Acts on which the Christian Religion is Based

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BRILL, Feb 15, 2013 - Religion - 404 pages
In Critical History of the Text of the New Testament (1689), 17th century Oratorian Richard Simon (1638-1712), ‘father’ of modern biblical criticism, surveys the genuineness, authority, and reliability of all then known manuscript and printed sources of the New Testament.

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Chapter One Disproof of Early Heretics Arguments against the Validity of the Books in the New Testament Remarks on the Premise Applied by Chur...
Chapter Two Titles Heading the Gospels and Other Books in the New Testament Whether the Titles Are by the Authors of those Books or Whether th...
Chapter Three Books Published in the Name of Jesus Christ and the Apostles Of Several Forgeries by Early Heretics Remarks on this Whole Question
Chapter Four The first Fathers did not produce the originals of the New Testament in their disputes with heretics Discussion of evidence used to show...
Chapter Five The books of the New Testament starting with the Gospel of St Matthew The original of this Gospel was written in the Hebrew spoken b...
Chapter Six In the time of Jesus Christ and the apostles Jews in the area of Jerusalem spoke Chaldaic or Syriac Mr Vosss arguments against this view ...
Chapter Seven The Nazarene sect and their Hebrew or Chaldaic version of the Gospel of St Matthew
Chapter Eight The Ebionites Their Version of the Gospel of St Matthew Other early Heretics who Used this Gospel
early views on this book heretics who rejected it their reasons discussion of their reasons Learned Catholics in the early Church also ascribed it to Ceri...
Chapter Twenty Objections raised to the books of the New Testament by the Jews and other enemies of the Christian religion Did the Evangelists and ...
Chapter TwentyOne Discussion of further doubts about the books of the New Testament Part of the Evangelists and apostles interpretative method wa...
Chapter TwentyTwo Analysis of various Old Testament passages seemingly quoted by the apostles in an incorrect sense Verification of criticisms ma...
16 Quarrel on the subject of inspiration between the Jesuits and the theologians of Louvain Three Jesuits propositions condemned by the doctors of L...
Chapter TwentyFour Analysis of the arguments put forward by Louvain and Douai scholars in censuring the propositions of the Louvain Jesuits conc...
Chapter TwentyFive Spinozas arguments against inspiration in the Books of the New Testament
Chapter TwentySix The Evangelists and apostles styles Views held on this subject by modern writers and early Church scholars followed by critical o...

Chapter Nine The Greek text of St Matthew Its status Comparison with the Hebrew or Chaldaic text Rejoinders to Heretics objections to this gospel
Chapter Ten The dates and order of the Gospels Greek manuscript copies of St Mark cited in this regard His Gospel generally believed to be the seco...
Chapter Eleven In which language did St Mark write his Gospel? The last twelve verses of his Gospel are lacking in several Greek Manuscripts
Chapter Twelve The Gospel of St Luke What made him publish it given the existence of two others published before his Of Marcion and his text of t...
Chapter Thirteen The Gospel of St John Heretics by whom it was rejected Their reasons Response to those reasons Discussion of the twelve verses fro...
Chapter Fourteen Acts of the Apostles as accepted within the Church Acts ascribed to other apostles are of doubtful authenticity
Chapter Fifteen St Pauls Epistles in General Marcion and his text of those Epistles Forged letters ascribed to St Paul
is it by St Paul and is it Canonical? Views of the early Eastern and Western Churches views on this Epistle from more recent times
clarification of problems pertaining thereto
7 not present in most Greek manuscripts or other Western texts nor in the earliest Latin manuscripts The preface to the canonical Epistles ascribed to ...
is there such a thing? Most disagreements on the matter are purely nominal The arguments adduced by Claude Saumaise to disprove the existence of ...
Chapter TwentyEight A fuller discussion of Saumaises arguments against the Hellenistic language with incidental explanations of various problems p...
Chapter TwentyNine Overall view of Greek manuscripts including sources already mentioned Compilations of the diverse readings found in those m...
Chapter Thirty Greek manuscripts of the New Testament The oldest surviving manuscripts were the work of Latin writers intended for use in their co...
examples of the variant readings it presents exegetic observations
Chapter ThirtyTwo Other Greek manuscript sources of the New Testament Variants contained in those manuscripts with critical observations
Chapter ThirtyThree Presentation and appearance of Greek New Testament manuscripts Separating of verses chapters and other textual elements The ...

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