Kristin: Carey Regenold

Front Cover
Independently Published, Mar 6, 2017 - 210 pages
Kristin Mahoney has heard voices in her head since childhood. They warn of evil like Anton Lazzerini, an alleged drug trafficker, her step father. Her friend, Kahuna Haku says she has a gift to be cherished. He tells Kristin she hears the "Ancient Ones" who give sage advice, and warn of impending danger. They are rarely wrong in their predictions. But Kristin was not warned about her best friend who overdosed and died from street drugs. Now she is on a mission to take down drug lords who put poison in the hands of kids. Anton is at the top of her list. Anton Lazzerini, eldest son of a New York mob family, escapes to the Hawaiian Islands to start his own business. Rubbing elbows with the elite, he climbs the political ladder as a respected member on the Board of Directors for the city. Anton discovers the ideal method to import his cash crop from overseas. Cooper Sterling, is an instructor for the school of Clandestine Missions, Drug Trafficking. Meeting Kristin Mahoney, Cooper respects the strong young woman for her extreme dedication, and determination to work under cover. A confirmed bachelor, Cooper is helpless to fight the powers drawing them together. His intense sexual desire for this trainee under his tutelage is wrong in so many ways. But for Cooper nothing seems to matter except having Kristin in his life. Clandestine assignments take Cooper and Kristin to Chicago to infiltrate a mob family. That mission is aborted when both of them narrowly escape with their lives. Kristin and Cooper's ultimate undercover mission comes together when Anton hires them to be his personal body guards. Anton considers them family, allowing them access to every detail of his trafficking business. Becoming close and discovering Anton's human side, Kristin and Cooper are conflicted working undercover to send him to prison for life. Anton has no intention of going to prison. As the day of his arrest dawns, Kristin and Cooper are in for the shock of their lives.

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