Mahomet and His Successors, Volume 8

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Page 143 - There is no God but God. Mahomet is the apostle of God. Come to prayers ! come to prayers ! God is great ! God is great ! There is no God but God." To which at dawn of day is added the exhortation, " Prayer is better than sleep ! Prayer is better than sleep
Page 21 - by which the rich countries of the south, India, Ethiopia, and Arabia the Happy, were linked with ancient Syria. Ezekiel, in his lamentations for Tyre, exclaims, " Arabia and all the princes of Kedar, they occupied with thee in lambs, and rams, and goats
Page 21 - these were they thy merchants. The merchants of Sheba and Raamah occupied in thy fairs with chief of all spices, and with all precious stones and gold. HarŠn, and Canneh, and Eden,
Page 24 - horsemen armed with their long tufted spears, scouring the plain on their fleet mares ; riders urging their dromedaries with their short-hooked sticks, and leading their high-bred steeds by the halter ; colts galloping among the throng ; such was the motley crowd through which we had to wend our way.
Page 114 - transacting in heaven, but we found the same guarded by angels with flaming darts; and we sat on some of the seats thereof to hear the discourse of its inhabitants; but whoso listeneth. now finds a flame prepared to guard the celestial confines. There are some among us who are Moslems, and there are others who swerve from righteousness.
Page 71 - al Mot‚lleb," cried he, with enthusiasm, " to you, of all men, has Allah vouchsafed these most precious gifts. In his name I offer you the blessings of this world, and endless joys hereafter. Who among you will share the burden of my offer ? Who will be my brother, my lieutenant, my vizier
Page 66 - vealed to him. Cadijah feared that he was possessed by evil spirits, and would have called in the aid of a conjurer to exorcise them, but he forbade her. He did not like that any one should see him during these paroxysms. His visions, however, were not always preceded by such attacks. Hareth Ibn
Page 319 - her lap, watching over him with tender assiduity, and endeavoring to soothe his dying agonies. From time to time he would dip his hand in a vase of water, and with it feebly sprinkle his face. At length raising his eyes and gazing upward for a time with unmoving eyelids, " O Allah !
Page 286 - of the tribe of Kenda. He resided in a castle at the foot of a mountain, in the midst of his domain. Khaled was sent with a troop of horse to bring him to terms. Seeing the castle was too strong to be carried by assault, he had recourse to stratagem. One moonlight night, as
Page 58 - the course of which the sacred black stone was to be replaced. A dispute arose among the chiefs of the various tribes, as to which was entitled to perform so august an office, and they agreed to abide by the decision of the first person who should enter by the gate Al

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