Scandinavia, Ancient and Modern: Being a History of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway: Comprehending a Description of These Countries; an Account of the Mythology, Government, Laws, Manners, and Institutions of the Early Inhabitants; and of the Present State of Society, Religion, Literature, Arts, and Commerce; with Illustrations of Their Natural History, Volume 1

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Harper and Brothers, 1841 - Natural history
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Page 168 - Martis, produced by their excited imaginations dwelling upon the images of war and glory, and perhaps increased by those potations of stimulating liquors in which the people of the North, like other uncivilized tribes, indulged to great excess. When this madness was upon them, they committed the wildest extravagances, attacked indiscriminately friends and foes, and even waged war against the rocks and trees. At other times they defied each other to mortal combat in some lonely and desert isle.
Page 176 - The impatient poet craved an audience of the king for his lay, assuring him it was 'very short.' The wrath of Canute was kindled, and he answered the Skald with a stern look,— 'Are you not ashamed to do what none but yourself has dared,— to write a short poem upon me?— unless by the hour of dinner tomorrow you produce a drapa above thirty strophes long on the same subject, your life shall pay the penalty.
Page 113 - Cease my strain ! I hear them call Who bid me hence to Odin's hall ! High seated in their blest abodes, I soon shall quaff the drink of gods. The hours of life have glided by — I fall ! but laughing will I die...
Page 49 - tis the touch of fairy hand That wakes the spring of northern land ! It warms not there by slow degrees, With changeful pulse, the uncertain breeze , But sudden on the wondering sight Bursts forth the beam of hving light, And instant verdure springs around, And magic flowers bedeck the ground.
Page 127 - Haarfager, who first combined the various tribes among whom it was divided into one nation, by reducing their kings or Jarls to a state of vassalage in the latter part of the ninth century. This famous conqueror was a scion of the ancient Ynglings.
Page 374 - BOOKS. HARPER & BROTHERS, 82 Cliff-street, New- York, have just issued a new and complete catalogue of their publications, which will be forwarded, without charge, to any part of the United States, upon application to them personally or by mail post paid.
Page 130 - ... gave his pupil in return a sword with a golden hilt and a blade of wonderful temper, which he kept till the day of his death. Besides studying the manners of the nation, the young prince was converted to the Christian faith, and received the ordinance of baptism — an event which afterwards gave occasion to the first planting of the seeds of the Gospel in his native...
Page 150 - Odels-thing, or lower. The ancient Scandinavian courts were held in the open air, generally on natural hills or artificial tumuli. Their colonies in England and Scotland adopted the same practice, and hence many eminences, erroneously supposed to be Roman camps, still retain the name...
Page 28 - Is flat, covered in some places with sands and marshes; and forming, with the exception of Holland, the lowest part of the great plain of Northern Germany. There are no mountains, for the highest inequalities of soil In Holstein and...
Page 94 - Per campos pascuntur equi. Quae gratia currum Armorumque fuit vivis, quae cura nitentes Pascere equos, eadem sequitur tellure repostos.

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