Nine Specimens of English Dialects, Volume 32, Issue 1

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Walter William Skeat
English dialect society, 1896 - English language - 193 pages

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Page xiii - 1 Bailiffs.—'The Sheriff being answerable for the misdemeanors of these Bailiffs, they are usually bound in an obligation, with sureties, for the due execution of their office, and thence are called bound bailiffs, which common people have corrupted into a much more homely appellation.'—Blackstone's Com., Book I, p. 345.
Page ix - To which is added a Yorkshire DIALOGUE in its pure natural Dialect, as it is now commonly spoken in the North parts of YORK-SHIRE. The Third Edition. With the Addition of some Observations, of the Dialect and Pronuntiation of Words in the East
Page 53 - Ich haue had Ladies many vare ; And eke thou hast my heart in hold, And in my minde zeemes passing rare. Cho. And eke thou hast his hart in hold, And in his minde zeemes passing rare. Ich will put on my best white sloppe, And ich will weare my yellow hose, And on
Page 12 - In winter-time, some will Condemn that place as no great shakes, Where folks ha' the coad-chill ! 6 As sum'dy, 'haps, when nigh the sput, May ha' a wish to see 't,— From Mauldon toun to Keldon 'tis, An' 'gin a four-releet. 7 Where up the road the load it goos So lugsome an
Page 66 - I. Sweep'th Arrans down ; till all be clean, neer lin. Els he'l leauk all Agye when he comes in. I wad nut heve him here for onny thing, Although a Cat may leauke, Pegg, at a King. Thou leauks a Dozand leauke, rub o're thy Face With dishclout, and put on thy Coife with Lace.
Page 53 - He has a god-vather dwels thereby, And he on him bestowed a plow. One time I gaue thee a paper of pins, Anoder time a taudry lace : And if thou wilt not grant me loue, In truth, ich die beuore thy vace.
Page ix - we meet with Ravenscroft's copy, as here printed ; and lastly, there is a similar Ballad by T. Durfey, in his New Collection of Songs and Poems, 1683, 8vo, p. 48. Puttenham seems to allude to this song when he quotes the words :— ' Iche pray you, good mother, tell our young dame, Whence I am come and what is my name : I cannot come
Page ix - and this is why so many word-lists and references have been included. I have now only to wish Professor Wright all success in his important and arduous undertaking. YORK MINSTER SCREEN Being a specimen of the Yorkshire Dialect as spoken in the North Riding MALTOH
Page 80 - come with your five Eggs a penny, and four of them be Rotten. I'le not put of my Düblet before I gang to bed. A Chip of the awd block. 95 Like a Chip in the Porridge-Pot.
Page 53 - Cho. For he can brauely clout his shoone, And he full well can ring a bell. My vather, he gaue me a hogge, My mouther, she gaue me a zow ; I have a god-vather dwells there-by, 15

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