Autobiography of Miss Cornelia Knight: Lady Companion to the Princess Charlotte of Wales, with Extracts from Her Journals and Anecdote Books ...

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Page 120 - up and seriously ill ; first from anxiety, then from joy. It was imprudently told Lady Hamilton in a moment, and the effect was like a shot; she fell apparently dead, and is not yet recovered from severe bruises. Alongside came my honoured friends ; the scene in the boat was terribly
Page 318 - tell her mistress, and, without attending his answer, left him. Mrs. Johnson enraptured to hear her son was below, desired the maid to tell him she longed to embrace him. When the maid descended the gentleman was gone, and poor Mrs. Johnson was much agitated by the adventure: it was the only
Page 318 - her son, the officer, knocked at the door and asked the maid if her mistress was at home. She answered, 'Yes, sir; but she is sick in bed.' ' Oh,' says he, ' if it is so, tell her that her son Jervas called to know how she did,' and was going away. The maid begged she might run up
Page 320 - but gloomy tale of Dr. Johnson. The money Mrs. Williams had various uses for, and a part of it was funded. As near as I can calculate, Mrs. Williams had about thirty-five or forty pounds a year. The furniture she used was her own ; her expenses were small; tea and
Page 316 - the roughness of the language used on board a man-of-war, where he passed a week on a visit to Captain Knight, disgusted him terribly. He asked an officer what some place was called, and received for answer that it was where the loplolly man kept his loplolly: a reply he considered, not unjustly, as disrespectful, gross, and ignorant.
Page 332 - The following members of his Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, viz.: " His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Right Hon. the Lord High Chancellor, his Grace the Archbishop of York, his Grace the Lord Primate of Ireland, the Lord President of the Council, the Lord Privy Seal, the Earl of Buckinghamshire, the Earl
Page 151 - forget all thy grief; For thy shipmates are brave, and a Hero's their chief. Look round on these trophies, the pride of the Main; They were snatch'd by their valour from Gallia and Spain. Behold yonder fragment: 'tis sacred to fame; "Midst the waves of old Nile it was saved from the
Page 221 - answer was received addressed to the Princess, stating that in consequence of her Royal Highness's demand, her letter had been read to the Prince Regent on the 20th, but that he had not been pleased to express his pleasure thereon. Here the correspondence was closed, and some days after this
Page 319 - said it would be better to expunge the word maintain, and put in, to starve such a number of old maids. They asked him what name should be given it. He replied, ' Let it be called Jenny's Whim
Page 332 - devoutly hope she may be preserved to govern, and to show by a new example the liberal affection of a free and generous people to a virtuous and constitutional monarch. " I am, Sir, with profound respect, and an attachment which nothing can alter, your Royal Highness's most devoted and most affectionate consort, cousin, and subject, (Signed) " CAROLINE L.OUISA. "Montague House, January 14, 1813.

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