On the Injuries and Diseases of Bones: Being Selections from the Collected Edition of the Clinical Lectures of Baron Dupuytren

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Sydenham Society, 1847 - Bones - 459 pages
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Page 28 - Hotel-Dieu was found to have broken both bones of the leg, at the junction of the middle and lower thirds.
Page 141 - When the fracture was reduced, (it was near the base of the bone), an apparatus was applied, but fastened too tightly : and, notwithstanding the great swelling, and the acute pain which the patient endured, it was not removed until the fourth day, when the hand was cold and oedematous, and the fore-arm red, painful, and covered with vesications. Leeches, poultices and fomentations were applied, and followed by some alleviation of the local symptoms, though there was much constitutional disturbance....
Page 39 - Camper, and Haller, declared that "nature never accomplishes the immediate union of a fracture save by the formation of two successive deposits of callus...
Page 322 - Michel with a burden of two hundred- weight, she fell in such a way that the whole weight of the body was received on the right foot ; and that at the moment she made an effort to check herself in falling, she experienced extremely severe pain in this part, and heard a very distinct snap: she was unable to raise herself from the ground. " On examining the two feet, one was found to be healthy, small, and perfectly...
Page 40 - The second (permanent) callus, formed by the reunion of the surfaces of the fracture, possesses a solidity superior even to that of the bone itself, so that the latter would sooner break at any other point than where the former is deposited. The production and organization of the permanent callus is never completed under eight, ten, or twelve months, a period which is further marked by the disappearance of the provisional callus, and the renewed continuity of the medullary canal.
Page 159 - ... all the muscles of the upper part of the thigh towards the crest of the ilium, where they form, around the head of the bone...
Page 140 - I have very frequently given, and which I cannot too often repeat, is to avoid tightening too much the apparatus for fractures during the first few days of its being worn ; for the swelling which supervenes is always accompanied by considerable pain, and may be followed by...
Page 207 - I would lay it down as a general principle that all fractures of the neck of a cylindrical bone should be kept at rest twice as long as ordinary fractures of the same bone; and even after that period I have seen displacement take place. The term may, therefore, be lengthened to a hundred days, or even longer in aged and feeble persons, whose powers of reparation are much deteriorated.
Page 143 - Thiery, one of my pupils. He was summoned to visit a young girl, on whom such an apparatus had been applied for supposed fracture of the radius. After suffering excruciating torment, the fore-arm mortified, and amputation was the only resource : on examining the limb no trace of fracture could be discovered ! Had a simple apparatus been here employed, and properly watched, this patient's limb would not have been sacrificed.
Page 379 - ... a cavity which incloses organs of vital importance to the animal economy, it naturally follows that the due performance of the functions of those organs must be mechanically interfered with by the defect in question, and the consequences are proportionately serious. The deformity to which I allude consists in a depression of the sides of the chest, varying in degree, and accompanied by a corresponding prominence of the sternum and abdomen anteriorly, and of the vertebral column posteriorly. Some...

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