Novum Testamentum Graece: Prolegomena

Front Cover
Constantin von Tischendorf
Giesecke & Devrient, 1884 - Bible
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Page 232 - Gothic and ^?thiopic, and of all the Fathers, Greeks and Latins, within the first five centuries ; and he gives in his notes all the various readings (now known) within the said five centuries. So that the reader has under one view what the first ages of the Church knew of the text ; and what has crept into any copies since, is of no value or authority. " V. The author is very sensible, that in the Sacred Writings there's no place for conjectures or emendations. Diligence and fidelity, with some...
Page 233 - As it will make two tomes in folio, the lowest subscriptions for smaller paper must be three guineas, one advanced in present ; and for the great paper five guineas, two advanced. " VIII. The work will be put to the press, as soon as money is contributed to support the charge of the impression ; and no more copies will be printed than are subscribed for. The overseer and corrector of the press will be the learned Mr. JOHN WALKER, of Trinity College in Cambridge ; who with great accurateness has collated...
Page 231 - Hierom ; where he declares, that (without making a new version) he adjusted and reformed the whole Latin Vulgate to the best Greek exemplars, that is, to those of the famous Origen ; and another passage, where he says, that a verbal or literal interpretation out of Greek into Latin is not necessary, except in the Holy Scriptures, ubi ipse verborum ordo mysterium est, where the very order of the words is* mystery ; took thence the hint...
Page 232 - MSS., by their mutual assist" anee, do so settle the original text to the smallest nicety, as "cannot be performed now in any classic author whatever: and " that out of a labyrinth of thirty thousand various readings, " that crowd the pages of our present best editions, all put upon " equal credit, to the offence of many good persons, this clue " so leads and extricates us, that there will scarce be two hun" dred out of so many thousands that can deserve the least con
Page 241 - Ita adornatum ut textus probatarum editionum medullam margo variantium lectionum in suas classes distributarum locorumque parallelorum delectum apparatus subiunctus criseos sacrae Millianae praesertim compendium, limam, supplementum ac fructum exhibeat inserviente Jo.
Page 282 - A Harmony of the Four Gospels in Greek, according to the Text of Tischendorf, with a Collation of the Textus Receptus, and of the Texts of Griesbach, Lachmann, and Tregelles.
Page 240 - The New Testament in Greek and English. Containing the Original Text corrected from the Authority of the most Authentic Manuscripts...
Page 232 - Latin were examined and compared together, perhaps they would he still found to agree both in words and order of words. And upon making the essay, he has succeeded in his conjecture beyond his expectation or even his hopes. III. The author believes that he has retrieved (except in very few places) the true exemplar of Origen, which was the standard to the most learned of the Fathers, at the time of the Council of Nice and two centuries after. And he is sure that the Greek and Latin MSS., by their...
Page 231 - Greek and ancient vulgar Latin, were taken from manuscripts of no great antiquity, such as the first editors could then procure ; and that now by God's providence there are MSS. in Europe (accessible, though with great charge) above a thousand years old in both languages ; believes he may do good service to common Christianity if he publishes a new edition of the Greek and Latin, not according to the recent and interpolated copies, but as represented in the most ancient and venerable MSS. in Greek...
Page 236 - Haec verba Dei vera sunt. Et cecidi ante pedes eius ut adorarem eum, et dicit mihi: Vide ne feceris; conservus tuus sum, et fratrum tuorum habentium testimonium lesu: Deum adora; testimonium enim lesu est spiritus prophetiae. And he said to me, "Write: Blessed are they who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

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