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Best short writing style book

User Review  - azreview -

I buy multiples of this book to give to my students who are studying composition and English. A short simple book on how to be a better writer. Truly a CLASSIC book. Price was fantastic on Overstock I think I bought four. Read full review


User Review  - mizggd - Borders

Strunk and White's The Elements of Style is updated and contemporary. It is a classic, simple to understand, direct and entertaining to read. As a writer I keep it by my desk for use in my work as ... Read full review

The Most Important Book on a Writer's Shelf

User Review  - Anonymous - Borders

'The Elements of Style' should be required reading for any and all writers. A writer just isn't a writer until they've thoroughly cracked the spine of this brilliantly concise - yet infinitely ... Read full review

excellent resource

User Review  - richo1 -

This book is an excellent resource to all types of writers. The book is straightforward and easy to use. I keep it handy in case I forget any rules of writing. Read full review

Style indeed!

User Review  - mch2212 -

This is a wonderful rendition of a great book. The illustrations are so charming and it makes for a great gift. A friend gave it to me when I went back to school and now I want copies for everyone I know great teacher gifts too. Read full review

great reference

User Review  - debraphilly -

This reference book is a useful tool for effective writing. I started using it years ago for editing technical reports and letters. I just purchased numerous copies for my staff to help them brush up on their writing skills. Read full review

A classic that has some stong opinions

User Review  - bairdg3 -

This classic tome on grammar and usage has been around for years. While some disagree with some stands the authors make the overall lessons learned are essential to good language use. Read full review

Communicate in Style

User Review  - photographytom75 -

For over fifty years The Elements of Style has been the writers go to reference. Read full review

Review: The Elements of Style

User Review  - Kate Weiskopf - Goodreads

I come from two generations of writers and being a huge grammar nerd, I loved this book. Now, I'm not a TOTAL freak and didn't read the whole thing straight through for enjoyment. However, I still find it very useful to reference while writing a paper. Read full review

Review: The Elements of Style

User Review  - Whitney - Goodreads

How did I graduate in English without reading this? I didn't expect the venerated “Strunk and White” to be so funny; I devoured it as if it were a novel. The first part, thick with technical grammar ... Read full review

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