Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 37

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Taylor & Francis, 1884 - Electronic journals
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Page 442 - The incalculable value of such a fund to men of science or their families requiring temporary aid must be apparent to all, and looking at the unfortunate necessity for its existence which the calls upon it prove, I venture to commend it to your support. It will, perhaps, not be out of place here to say a few words with regard to the administration of this fund, the existence of which dates from 1859, and is in a great degree due to the exertions of the late Mr. Gassiot. The Council of the Royal Society...
Page xxxi - A determination of the circumstances under which discontinuity of any kind presents itself in the solution of a problem of Maximum or minimum in the Calculus of Variations, and applications to particular instances. It is expected that the discussion of the instances should be exemplified as far as possible geometrically, and that attention be especially directed to cases of real or supposed failure of the Calculus.
Page 437 - Scott, that at some barometrical stations the atmospheric wave caused by the eruption was still to be traced until about 122 hours after its origin, and that it must have travelled more than three times round the entire circuit of the earth, shows how vast must have been the initial disturbance causing the wave. The possibility of the remarkable atmospheric appearances which so constantly accompanied the rising and setting of the sun for some months subsequent to the eruption being due to volcanic...
Page 219 - Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects " for 1884, including one of great interest and value by M.
Page 362 - I will, therefore, only quote the public tribute to his memory which was offered at the time of his death in 1883: 'The nation at large has lost a faithful servant, chief among those who live only to better the life of their fellow-men by subduing the forces of Nature to their use. Looking back along the line of England's scientific worthies, there are few who have served the people better than this, her adopted son — few, if any, whose life's record' will show so long a list of useful labours.
Page xxviii - The Prize is to be awarded to a Graduate of the University, who is not of more than three years' standing from admission to his first degree when the Essays are sent in, and who shall produce the best English Essay "on some moral or metaphysical subject, on the Existence, Nature, and Attributes of God, or on the Truth and Evidence of the Christian Religion.
Page 78 - And I have the satisfaction to inform you that Her Majesty was pleased to receive the Address very graciously. — I am, sir, your obedient servant, Rev.
Page xxiv - ... history of the sodaprocess, on the diseases of the silkworm, on the devastations of the phylloxera, may be quoted as illustrations. We have still to allude to some literary achievements of another character. It has been already stated that in 1824 Dumas founded, in conjunction with his friends Audonin and Adolphe Brongniart, the " Annales des Sciences Naturelles.
Page 23 - ... while, however, by some other process proofs of a real connection might be obtained. But if we can get evidences of apparent periodicity in sun-spot fluctuations when dealt with in a particular manner, we have at once a method which will afford us a definite means of comparison. And here, as Professor Stokes has pointed out, it is not necessary for our present purpose to discuss the question whether these sun-spot Inequalities have a real or only an apparent periodicity. All that is needful is...
Page 24 - Sun-spot inequalities around twenty four and twenty-six days, whether apparent or real, seem to have periods very nearly the same as those of terrestrial meteorological inequalities as exhibited by the daily temperature-ranges at Toronto and at Kew. 2. While the sun-spots and the Kew temperature-range inequalities present evidence of a single oscillation, the corresponding' Toronto temperature-range inequalities present evidence of a double oscillation.

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