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The Old Curiosity Shop’, was an early book written by Charles Dickens; it started life together with another other of his novels – ‘Barnaby Rudge’ serialized in Dickens’ weekly publication, ‘ Master Humphrey’s Clock’, but then was later published as a book in its own right in 1841.
It is not classed as one of Dickens greatest or most popular books; in fact probably its greatest claim to fame is the rather cutting comment made by Oscar Wilde when he said that "One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing." However I have to admit that this is actually one of my favourite books by Dickens.

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Thanks for spoilers
Do not read the comments below as some people just blurt the ending out and tell all the main parts... ruins it for us new readers... delightfully stupid they must be... good resding to you all

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Really good read
This is one of my favourite books of Dickens you just can't beat the old books read by generation to generations my gran read these followed by my mum who read them to me then as I
got older I read& reread them and passed them to my kids it's ok watching films but u can't beat a good book 

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good book

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Was going to read after reviews until spoilers that nell dies, think about spoilers people.

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