Wright & Ditson Officially Adopted Lawn Tennis Guide

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Wright & Ditson., 1911 - Tennis
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Page 240 - ... rules and regulations as may be, from time to time, prescribed by law.
Page 223 - If a player serve out of his turn, the umpire, as soon as the mistake is discovered, shall direct the player to serve who ought to have served. But all strokes scored before such discovery shall be counted.
Page 222 - The players shall change sides at the end of the first, third and every subsequent alternate game of each set and at the end of each set, unless the number of games in such set be even.
Page 244 - ... and at the conclusion of the rest, to give his decision (subject to Regulation 11) or direct the competitors to play the stroke again ; (g) To decide all doubtful or disputed strokes, and all points of law (subject to...
Page 224 - ... for the second game. The partner of the player who served in the first game shall serve in the third ; and the partner of the player who served in the...
Page 221 - On either player winning his first stroke, the score is called 15 for that player; on either player winning his second stroke, the score is called 30 for that player ; on cither player winning his third stroke, the score is called 40 for that player; and the fourth stroke won by either player is scored game for that player ; except as below : — If both players have won three strokes, the score is called deuce ; and the next stroke won by cither player is scored advantage for that player.
Page 224 - ... once established shall not be altered, nor shall the striker-out change courts to receive the service, till the end of the set. 33. It is a fault if the ball served does not drop between the service line, half-court line, and service side line of the court, diagonally opposite to that from which it was served.
Page 221 - If both players win five games the score is called games all; and the next game won by either player is scored advantage game for that player. If the same player win the next game, he wins the set...
Page 222 - ... set, either player is entitled to a rest, which shall not exceed seven minutes ; and provided, further, that in case of an unavoidable accident, not within the control of the contestants, a cessation of play which shall not exceed two minutes may be allowed between points ; but this proviso shall be strictly construed, and the privilege never granted for the purpose of allowing a player to recover his strength or wind. The...
Page 219 - The choice of sides, and the right to serve in the first game, shall be decided by toss ; provided that, if the winner of the toss choose the right to serve, the other player shall have choice of sides, and vice versa.

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