Proceedings of the Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia. 1892

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Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia., 1893
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Page 182 - On examination the right broad ligament was found indurated and a mass of exudate extended on the right side of the abdomen almost as high as the umbilicus. From the extent of the mass it was supposed that a right pyosalpinx with an intra-peritoneal abscess existed ; but in view of the puerperal history and the existence of a cervical laceration the possibility of a true pelvic abscess was discussed. A median abdominal incision was made April 16, and the abdominal viscera in the lower right quarter...
Page 56 - ... The use of the hot douche, painting the vault of the vagina and the cervix with tincture of iodine, and the use of the glycerine tampon is valuable in all cases, and curative in mild cases. This plan of treatment should be employed always so long as there is any suspicion concerning the existtence of salpingitis.
Page 105 - It is fast becoming the habit to operate on all suspicious cases" Jonathan Hutchinson says that he advises operations so early as to be called "anticipatory." Dr. EE Montgomery says : "The uterus should be removed on suspicion. When there is a doubt that cannot be solved the patient should have the benefit of this doubt.
Page 119 - To apply the electric current to every kind of pelvic lump, under the suspicion that it was an extrauterine pregnancy, would be a most haphazard dangerous proceeding, worthy of the strongest condemnation." " He has heard quite enough of the stories of the subsequent histories of cases where such diagnosis had been made, and where the electric current had been used to justify him in using the strong est kind of condemnation which he could utter.
Page 56 - Society, presented the following conclusions : Endometritis is due to infection. All causes of pelvic congestion act as predisposing causes of endometritis, and later tend to aggravate and perpetuate the disease. The rational treatment of endometritis consists in the employment of those agents which lessen pelvic congestion, which assist the tissues in controlling the invading germs, and in getting rid of the results of their activity. In typical cases of uncomplicated endometritis...
Page 118 - I refer to the treatment of fibroid tumors of the uterus by means of the...
Page 123 - Keeley had talked about the bichloride of lead, he never would have had any one come to be cured. If he had talked about bichloride of tin, he never would have been heard of. He talks about bichloride of gold, and people flock by multitudes. It is much so with this word electricity.
Page 182 - October 27, 1892. I operated on Mrs. H. to cure a ventral hernia which had formed at the site of the third incision. On opening the abdomen I was surprised to find that the adhesions throughout the right side of the abdomen, which had been universal eighteen months before, had disappeared, except a point of adhesion between the omentum and hernial sac, and another between the omentum and broad ligament.
Page 56 - The most common complication — really, an extension of the disease — is inflammation of the uterine appendages. Where this exists, it is of such gravity that it should be considered the disease, and the endometritis a complication. During the existence of tuboovarian inflammation operations upon the uterus and intrauterine medication are contraindicated.
Page 117 - Have you ever seen a tumor disappear under your treatment?" His answer was manly and frank, "I have not." All he could claim, all he did claim, was amelioration of symptoms. Opium will ameliorate symptoms and at the same time have a like effect with electricity in complicating the trouble. In tumors the claim is "reduction in size.

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