Development and employment of fixed-wing gunships 1962-1972

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Page 304 - Military personnel with cross training in basic and specialized military skills, organized into small, multiple-purpose detachments with the mission to train, organize, supply, direct, and control indigenous forces in guerrilla warfare and counter-insurgency operations, and to conduct unconventional warfare operations.
Page 234 - What battles have in common is human: the behaviour of men struggling to reconcile their instinct for selfpreservation, their sense of honour and the achievement of some aim over which other men are ready to kill them.
Page 258 - As a consequence of the success of the military aspects of Vietnamization, the South Vietnamese people today, in my view, are fully capable of providing for their own in-country security against the North Vietnamese.
Page 300 - Those military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic actions taken by a government to defeat , subversive insurgency.
Page 301 - A system using radar transmissions to which equipment carried by friendly forces automatically responds, for example, by emitting pulses, thereby distinguishing themselves from enemy forces. It is the primary method of determining the friendly or unfriendly character of aircraft and ships by other aircraft or ships and by ground forces employing radar detection equipment and associated identification friend or foe units.
Page 303 - The monsoons are trade winds blowing from the southwest from April to October, and from the northeast during the rest of the year. The mountainous islands are damp on the weather side and dry on the lee side. When the wind changes and blows six months from the opposite direction, the rainfall shifts to the other side of the mountains.
Page 305 - The detection, identification, and location of a target in sufficient detail to permit the effective employment of weapons.
Page 303 - A radar presentation which shows only targets which are in motion. Signals from stationary targets are subtracted out of the return signal by the output of a suitable memory circuit.
Page 305 - Secondary or supporting operations which may be adjuncts to various other operations and for which no one service is assigned primary responsibility.
Page 302 - Countermeasures viding military assistance under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, as distinct from Economic Aid and other programs authorized by the act; includes the furnishing of defense articles and defense services through MAP Grant Aid or military sales to eligible allies, as specified by Congress.

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