Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Literary author Cronin (Mary and O'Neil, 2001, etc.) turns in an apocalyptic thriller in the spirit of Stephen King or Michael Crichton.You know times are weird when swarms of Bolivian bats swoop from the skies and kill humans—or, as one eyewitness reports of an unfortunate GI, off fighting the good fight against the drug lords, "they actually lifted him off his feet before they bored through him ... Read full review

Review: The Passage

Editorial Review - - Melanie Smith

It is with great anticipation that I have awaited THE PASSAGE, an apocalyptic vampire thriller written by acclaimed author Justin Cronin. This book represents a massive undertaking and one of much greater significance than any simple chronicle of monsters. Here, a benevolent man opens "Pandora's Box" and releases an evil that will consume the world. The creation of vampires impacts Earth like a ... Read full review

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I'm nor much for vampire novels but this is SO much more.

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An enjoyable read. I recommend it.

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One, if not, my favorite book ever. A great story with many characters and situations, it is a big book but I didn't want it to end. Is that good!

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I love you,too

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Such a shame...
The Passage was the least satisfying book that I have read in the past decade. It is a narrative that is devoid of art and style. It is the poster child for the void that has infected
speculative fiction for twenty years. Every minute that I spent reading this book was a waste of valuable time. Dear readers if you are interested in civil breakdown and Armageddon, spend your time reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy or David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas. Cronin is a great writer who listened to his agent and should have listened to his heart. His agent and his bank account, however are doing very well. I am sure he will self correct and return to the realm of great writing and superior literary works. He is technically a great craftsman. 

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Best book I have ever read.
This is my all time favorite book. It is lengthy, but I am glad for that because it lasts. I am reading it again because I have just received book 2 and want to refresh my memory. Many complex characters and a riveting, rich storyline. I highly recommend.

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An awesome book
I am a fan of apocalyptic, end of the world stuff, and Justin Cronin did not disappoint! I found his style of writing to be similar to Stephen King (my favorite author). The story is
very detailed and the characters likeable and well developed. I have my calendar marked for "The Twelve." 

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This was a good read. though at times somewhat predictable, the character development was what kept me reading till the end. Many questions left though. I hope the sequel is as good as this book was.

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