Shadow Kings

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Trafford Publishing, Sep 26, 2005 - Fiction
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In the late Eighteenth Century, a goldsmith and early European banker by the name of Meyer Anselm Rothschild convened a secret meeting in Frankfurt Germany, of 13 prominent Jewish banking families, for the purpose of formulating a plan to oppose the power of the Catholic Church and gain control of the western world through financial and political manipulation. Throughout the centuries, this close affiliation of international bankers and heads of state has been referred to by many different names; the Family, the Circle, the Olympians, the Money Power, the Elites, and most prominently, the Illuminati. Their identities have remained shrouded in secrecy, but their objectives and their tactics have remained consistently true to the original plans of the thirteen bloodline families. Through the ownership and the manipulation of the central banks of Europe, and that of the United States; democracy itself. The current trends toward corporate globalization are a direct result of their plans for a one world government; the New World Order. At the start of the millennium, one thing is clear; their plans are working.

John Doe is Everyman; born into an aristocratic family of the international banking elite, but raised in anonymity of a normal American family. With his unknown birth father's guidance, he discovers and explores the little known world of his ancestors and the world-dominating force they have become. He conducts a thorough study of American history to uncover the influence of the illuminati in the past, and relates that influence to the political and economic conditions affecting the present course of world events and threatening the future of the human race. Ultimately, he uses what her learns about the Illuminati to reveal their plan to the unsuspecting public, to confront the Illuminati in their own arena, and to provide the American public and the world with an antidote to the new World Order. In an anonymous run for the presidency of the United States, John Doe exposes the plans of the Illuminati, and lays down his guidelines for a moral, responsible, and sustainable world; the philosophy of Futurism.

Through his own journey of enlightenment, John Doe himself discovers what it means to be a Shadow King.

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