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The trouble I have with the thesis of Black Mass is that if Hayek and all believe that there is a “Human Nature” of some sort, and I think many modern intellectuals are concluding that after one to three million years on the Savannas, Homo-Erectus slash Homo-Sapiens, do have some loosely evolved nature as Hunter-Gathers, then if thus, so there must be one universal Aristotelian - Thomistic sort of political reality better than another. That is to say, tyranny in Russia may be preferable to democracy in Iraq, but does this sound right? It doesn’t to me even though there is so much I agree with Gray about what he says about human violence and the delusion of progress. Is Bush Jr., an idiotic wind? Bob Dylan would no doubt agreed, but the thing is: even if there is no teleological reality to history, still, there might be a reason why Popper defines democracy as a preferable system because we can fire the boss without violence. That’s a pretty important difference. Sometimes you can try to be so objective that you forget that one value, (for instance, peace) might be superior to another (i.e., war). Well that sounds naive. However, I just can’t imagine that a closed society is ever an improvement on self-criticism, pluralism, democracy, tolerance, atheism and the ideals of the West. 

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Review: Black Mass Apocalyptic Religion And The Death Of Utopia

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